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How Stress Can Affect Our Bodies.

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( If we work in a corporate job or a job that is high pressure, we may find ourselves dealing with anxiety and other health issues. Picture the scenario. You are at work at your job, your IT systems are not cooperating after a recent minor cyber attack and your boss has asked you to try and fix the issue within the next couple of hours. It may make your palms sweat and your heart race, worried you won’t be able to fix the issue. You may think that if they had the correct systems in place, this would not have happened, but this isn’t something you can say outright to your boss. Cyber attacks happen often to companies, and they are becoming more and more common, it can cause a lot of stress, you can read more here about how you can prevent them in business. However, for the workers, it may leave us stressed and unable to function, so how exactly does this happen and how does stress affect us?

You Break Out In Hives

Most people associate random red bumps on their skin as an allergy to something in their environment. But people have been known to break out in hives when they start feeling stress. This can happen as a result of stress causing the body’s immune system to go into overdrive and anything such as this can lead to depression. Under stress, the body starts creating excess histamines to fight off infections and this can create an overdrive effect. 

Your Weight Starts Yo-Yoing

Weight loss and gain is something that many women deal with day to day but the reason for the yo-yoing up and down all the time might have less to do with motivation and more to do with stress. Stress has repeatedly been shown to cause people to behave irrationally and in ways around food that they wouldn’t normally such as eating more or less or being picky.

You Feel Anxious All The Time

Anxiety is becoming an epidemic in our society, especially among women. Despite all the mental health information available today, the problem seems to be getting worse. Feeling anxious is usually the result of leading a lifestyle that is too stressful. Perhaps you’re working extra hours in the office. This can all lead to feeling burned out and really exhausted, mental exhaustion is just difficult to live with as physical, and it creates physical issues, meaning it becomes overwhelming. 

Tell your boss you’ve taken on too much and then try to focus on the good things in your life. When you feel less stressed, you’ll feel less anxious, and you’ll be able to take on more at work again and this will then be a positive to you and not a negative.

You’ve Got A Bad Tummy

Bloating, digestive issues, irregular toilet habits, these can all be signs of stress and anxiety and your body’s way of telling you to please slow down. Stress affects the function of the gastrointestinal tract, causing people to get gas, bloating and diarrhea and it’s important that you heed the advice of medical professionals and start to slow down.

Staff Writer; Lisa Jones

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