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Mental Health.

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( Mental health is crucial and essential for an overall healthy psyche. The psyche is defined as the collective of the human mind both conscious and subconscious. For each of us individually, mental health should be the main priority. As human beings, we encounter a slew of pressure from the world we live in, our problems begin with the things surrounding us. In addition to stress from the outside world, our health and the health of those closest to us is a daily concern. Our mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Just about every aspect of the average human life is closely related to our mental health and wellbeing. Our personal feelings, actions, and how we critically think are all related despite age, gender, ethnic background. Our health is the most primitive and essential asset as individuals, health is wealth literally.

The period from childhood to adulthood is critical, forming our minds to adapt to our surroundings and environmental factors. Regardless of age, anything concerning mental health is critical. The things you experience both good and bad have a large effect on your personality and ultimately the individual you become. It is important to also understand that poor mental health is not the same as having a mental illness itself. As individuals, we experience periods of poor or not-so-great mental health, this is very common behavior. This behavior is brought on due to interchangeable issues; this does not mean that a person is diagnosed with a mental illness. Financial struggles, self-esteem, stress, abuse, and even loss are issues that can heavily and negatively weigh on a person’s mental health.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S live with a mental illness. The youth are very vulnerable 50% of all chronic mental illnesses begin by the age of 14. Adolescence is a crucial period in the lives of young people, this is the time where healthy habits start in a child’s life. Prior to the pandemic, there was an increase in children reporting declining mental health. Creating a safe environment and effectively connecting can aid in protecting and preserving the mental health of the child. Mental illnesses are not limited to an age group, it targets everyone regardless of age.


Certain stressors can trigger us to stress or worry more hence causing a decline in mental health. Mental health is important but your physical health is equally as important, both should be taken very seriously. Depression is one of the highest reported mental disorders, affecting more than 17.3 million Americans. For those suffering from depression an individual increases their chances of long-lasting or incurable physical health problems. The presence of long-term issues then in turn negatively impacts the potential risk of mental illness in that individual. Over time an individual’s mental health has the ability to change. The outcome of your mental health is dependent on several factors such as depression, prolonged stress, failed relationships, financial hardships, and even poverty.

The factors that plague the psyche weigh in on the individuals’ mental health, as humans, we face issues at any given time. It is important how we choose to deal with issues and problems as they incorporate themselves into our personal lives. It is helpful to learn how to effectively talk and communicate about your feelings instead of shutting down mentally, which can lead to some forms of mental illness. Prior to the pandemic 1 in every 10 reported symptoms of anxiety and depression. Many faced stressful challenges prior to the pandemic but the introduction and rise of COVID-19 have helped to make the challenge even more difficult. The pandemic has had a very negative effect on the mental health of individuals of all ages, due to the growing increase in cases and the even harsher variants. As deadly, COVID-19 spread throughout the world, so did fear, uncertainty, stress, depression, and even grief. This deadly virus requires us to give each other space but for some of us, this has led to feelings of alienation and loneliness. 1 in 7 U.S adults said since the pandemic they were often or always lonely.

Firstly you can make your mental health a priority by making yourself a priority. The wellness of an individual leads to the prevention of mental health conditions and other unhealthy. Your mental health is equally as important as your physical health, the two combined affect the overall health of an individual. No matter what choice you make, take care of yourself.

Staff Writer; Myra Moore


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  1. Alexa John says:

    Nice blog! I appreciate whoever talks about mental health because it is ignored in our society. Bad mental health can cause mental problems and it can create problems in the world. Many criminals do crimes because of their mental illness. Get rid of everything that affects your mental health.

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