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Finding Empowerment & Building Business Confidence.

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( The business world, like many areas of life, is intensively competitive. This is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, if succeeding with sub-par product, service or approach, we would only really be deceiving ourselves in the long run, because that success wouldn’t be sustainable. There are great parallels to the dating game here. In order to be successful in finding a partner we need to help ourselves become the strongest version of ‘us’ we can, be that finding time to exercise, to know our worth, and to become competent. In this way, we attract the most worthwhile and responsible partner.

This means that if we hope to become a worthwhile leader of a business, no matter our operation, taking this no-nonsense approach to self-empowerment and responsibility can be a big boon. In fact, it can be more effective than any ‘business guru’ or ‘self-help teacher’ that claims to give you all the answers in the right direction.

Finding empowerment and building business confidence is a strategic means of overcoming yourself in order to build who you are, and from there you can build your best team, the best processes, and the best vision. Too many leaders skip this vital step, but not you.

Please, consider:

Empowering Your Workflow

What does being a good leader entail? Does it mean only thinking in vague terms, or does it mean caring for the practical nature of the work you do? Of course, most experienced leaders will know it’s a mixture of both, and more than that, it’s a matter of balancing each consideration at the right time. The more you can ensure that kind of preparedness going forward, the more you can empower your workflow at the right times.

Empowering your workflow, defined in the best way, means ensuring that you have a streamlined ability to focus on what matters. This may be through allowing a virtual headquarters to care for your physical correspondence, particularly in a smaller firm. It may be through using excellent and cohesive communication platforms such as business IM apps, workflow suites and VoIP systems to easily discuss measures and processes with your team.

Refining Your Professional Image

Refining your professional image is also an important consideration to get to grips with. While the age-old impression of a billionaire wearing casual clothing and uncool socks with sandals is perhaps the impression most of us have, at least of the famous tech giants, it’s important to find our own way of expressing our professional vision. For instance, picking out a range of suits that work for you and are fitted, considering how you’d like to wear your hair, what you’d like to drive, and how you can tailor your image to ensure you give off the best and most authoritative ideals could be a valuable use of your time. Don’t feel as though you have to be perfect, or anything other than what you are, of course. However, it’s true that feeling confident in our professional image can be akin to wearing a suit of armor in which we can become the strong face of a company without having to feel insecure or less-than-confident in ourselves.

Why this may not be entirely found in how perfect your personal fitted wardrobe is, it can certainly help. Anyone who has invested time and effort into curating this can be certain of this process working well, and so we encourage business leaders pay special mind to it.

Addressing Your Shortcomings

Every professional has shortcomings, no matter if they are the head of a Fortune 500 firm or if they’re struggling to get their freelance operation off the ground. But your ability to identify, reflect on and improve those shortcomings is an important part of becoming a wholesome and cohesive leader, someone able to use their team to help inform them of the right direction, or to hold confidence in the dark periods where research is needed to paint a full picture.

Shortcomings could involve your temper, or your work ethic, or your authority over your team. The more you can gain an honest summary of your weekly performance, the more you can establish the best and most creative vision going forward. To this extent, you will be learning continually, and patching up your fragilities in the best sense. If there’s anything most of us would appreciate in a leader above us, it should be this.

Becoming A Visionary

Near the beginning of this post, we suggested that practicality is essential provided it is also combined with holding visionary and imaginative ideas. This is your talent as a leader, and it must be something you continually refine. Of course, this doesn’t mean throwing every idea you have at your research and development team is important, nor should you follow up on every impulse. That being said, it takes the ability to think laterally, consider every viewpoint, and more than this, take risks when trying to establish or carefully put your spin on the new trends that exist within your industry.

This is the approach that can distinguish a bad leadership era from an innovative one within a firm, and it mostly comes down to the person at the helm of your business. This takes a confidence in knowing your operation, the philosophy behind it, the staff working for you, and more than that, the clients or customers who will regularly support what you do. Becoming a visionary is not required of every leader of course, but holding imaginative and novel ideas, or even having the confidence to put them forward and having them shot down can be an important means of pushing forward.

Curate a worthwhile idea for your cohesive branding. If you have recently left a career to start this initiative, consider what faults with the industry you would like to fix through your own presence. When you approximate this, you can follow up on your goals in the best possible way.

With this advice, we hope you can find empowerment and build business confidence no matter who you are.

Staff Writer; Lisa James


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  1. Reese Evans says:

    Great Job Lisa. You have written so well about empowerment & building business. I read it & learn many things from here. Your point of view & writing skill is great. I loved your article & Want to read your next article.

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