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Learning to Own YOU w/ the Taurus New Moon.

Tweet ( Happy New Moon in Taurus! On Friday, May 6th we will be basking in the energies of the Taurus new moon. New moons are a time of new beginnings! It’s similar to the start of a new year making it an ideal time to set intentions for goals you desire to achieve within […]

Erykah Badu: Are We Protecting Our Black Girls?

Tweet ( On April 11, 2016, news broke concerning Henderson High School in New Zealand principal Cherith Telford requested female students where knee-level skirts to “keep our girls safe, stop boys from getting ideas and create a good work environment for male staff”. Principle Cherith Telford went on to say “I make no apology for […]

Bad Belly: What to Do When You Have Food Poisoning.

April 29, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( Many of us experience food poisoning at some point in our lives. Sometimes it is due to poor food hygiene at home, but it may also be no fault of our own. However you contracted food poisoning, it isn’t a pleasant experience. Although it can make you feel awful, it will usually get […]

Failsafe Tips To Get Organized When Working From Home.

Tweet ( Working from home is an increasingly popular option. If you’ve recently relocated from an office, or you’re setting up a new business, here are some failsafe tips to help you get organized. Create your workspace If you’re doing a bit of work at home, it’s fine to spread your files all over the […]

If You’re Offended By Rihanna’s Nudity You’re Missing The Point.

April 25, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( Society responds favourably to the Dollys who conform to gender role expectations, but not so much to the Rihannas. Earlier this year, Rihanna dropped her eighth studio album ANTI — she is currently on world tour whilst unleashing videos back to back, leaving society to go bonkers over the perpetual nudity showcased in […]

What Do You Really Know About Angels?

April 24, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( As a lover of the divine, spiritual realm and the occult, I often find myself in conversations where I am sharing occult (hidden) information that many fear or have been taught to reject. I am constantly amazed at the number of Christians who believe in an acknowledge Angels yet do not work with […]

Animal Power: What Can You Learn from the Spirit of Wolf?

Tweet ( Shamans believe that every living person carries with them the a power or spirit animal who adds to their personal power and wisdom. Spirit animals are similar to guardian angels who work to protect, guide, inspire and warn us of danger if it is approaching. Each animal has its own skills, traits, habits […]

The Magick of Life: Reflections of Lessons in 2016.

Tweet ( On February 25, 2016 I decided that rather than reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned and the goals accomplished at the end of the year, I would commit to 60 day self evaluations to ensure I maximize my time and that I am recogning my lesson the first time. Self evaluations give us […]

Embrace Your Ugly with the Scorpio Full Moon.

Tweet ( Love & Prosperity! On Friday, April 22nd we will be reflecting, healing and planning under the energies of the Scorpio Full Moon. Full moons are a time of wholeness and self-reflection. At this time of the month, we are full of the intentions set during the new moon giving way for the full […]

Eight Surprising Health, Beauty and Home Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Tweet ( You’ve walked right by it countless times in the grocery store – never once giving it a second glace. Or maybe you did actually glance at it for a quick second, giving yourself just enough time to turn your nose up at its brown, murky appearance. Who’d want to get that gross-looking stuff, […]

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