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On The Path to Self-Reliance: Fulfilling Your Desires.

Tweet ( Love & Prosperity! On Saturday, April 18th we will be basking in the energies of the Aries New Moon. New moons are a time of new beginnings! It’s similar to the start of a new month, an ideal time to set intentions for goals you desire to achieve within the next 28-30 days. […]

Cheap education in Ukraine for students from Nigeria.

Tweet ( If you are a foreigner and are seeking for cheap education in Ukraine, LLC “Legal-servicing company “Legalaid” is where you need to start looking. With our awareness in every field of academics, we make sure you get the cheapest and most convenient education here in Ukraine. Company provides a list of universities in […]

When It All Falls Down: Overcoming Obstacles.

Tweet ( Difficulties are a natural part of life. If the life experience was reduced to a workout program, obstacles would be concerned strength training. Anytime we begin a workout regimen its recommended that we strength train with an amount of weights that is difficult to life yet possible to complete successfully. Obstacles in life […]

Ten Tips How to Be a Successful Student.

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Tweet ( Success is a dream of every student in their learning processes. According to website where you can find essay topics for students, being a successful student is a function of attitude behavior and intellectual capacity. To become a successful student one will need the following; Set educational goals Goals include Career aspirations and […]

5 Steps To Living In The ‘NOW’‏.

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Tweet ( It’s been a very interesting week for me on my journey of learning to allow the process of life to be “easy“. We speak so much about the tests and trials of life, primarily the level of difficulty surrounding different issues. Life definitely gives us our fair share of learning experiences to prepare […]

On The Path To Personal Freedom: Breaking Every Chain.

Tweet ( Love & Prosperity! On Saturday, April 4th we will be reflecting, healing and planning under the energies of the Libra Full Blood Moon. Full moons are a time of wholeness and self-reflection. At this time of the month, we are full of the intentions set during the new moon giving way for the full […]

Creating What You Desire!

Tweet ( Love and Prosperity! Welcome to Moonday’s edition of Astro Weekly, your one stop spot for this week’s happenings in astrology. This Week’s Energy is all about Creating What You Desire! At times we get so wrapped up in the Law of Attraction that we feel that if we focus all of our attention […]