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He Needs to Get His Own Gaming Account.

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The chemistry goes to trash quickly when you are playing with a high leveled player that you’ve been playing with for some time, or so you thought, and all of a sudden, they are playing as a complete stranger.

Narcissistic Behavior Can Be Contagious.

Narcissists are toxic individuals to any space they inhabit.

You are More Than Waiting On Him.

It is important to keep that truth in perspective. This man is a part of your life…he’s not your life in totality.

It’s Different When the Victim is You.

You are the victim now. It would be callous for someone to talk to you about national numbers, and the reality of things; at this point you don’t care about that information.

Few basics about the Forex market.

Forex is a trading platform that is commonly known for buying and selling currencies.