Thursday, July 18, 2024

Are We Teaching Our Children.

They experience us apologizing to them if we get it wrong because we are not perfect. They will be able to recall us telling them about the reality of the world they live in…they might hate to hear us repeat ourselves, but the wisdom will come back to them when they face life challenges. If we want out children to have a better chance at life and living successfully we must roll our sleeves up and parent, and support each other in the effort to parent our children individually and as a community.

Sometimes You Are Wrong.

Well, sista sometimes the person doing all the above mentioned could be you, and if it is please admit when you are wrong. Give the same resolutions you expect. There is a running joke amongst men that women never admit when they are wrong. While I disagree with never, I know there are those of us that do not, and it’s a problem. You are not the only person in your relationship with feelings. Furthermore, let’s run from hypocrisy. Often times what hurts our partner more than the situation, is our inability to simply apologize when we make an error. No one is asking you for perfection. They are asking you for the same respect you demand. Sometimes you are wrong, and it’s okay, you’re human remember.

Gaming Fixed My Failure Anxiety.

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Gaming has its benefits. It helped me work through my fear of failure…it can still be a challenge, but I can et through it.

The Price of Standing Still.

I will never tell you going from a state of standing still to moving is easy. Once you are in motion and it becomes what you do yes it gets easier. However, the initial steps can be difficult, and there can be some fear involved. No one is telling you to go from still to sprinting. Take your time and start somewhere….one step at a time until you are walking and then finding your pace. Regain your life back by putting it in a positive forward motion. The steps you take now can be the difference between you living the life you deserve, and merely existing. The choice is yours.

The Pros and Cons of Reality TV for Young Black Women.

However, reality TV also poses some challenges and risks for these women, such as the potential for exploitation and manipulation by the media industry, and the exposure to public scrutiny, criticism, and harassment. Therefore, reality TV can be seen as a double-edged sword for Black women in their 20s, who have to balance the benefits and costs of being in the spotlight.

Love is Liberating.

. I’m in no way saying run back to those that hurt and abuse you. However, I am saying building a wall that would keep out the village will love, support, encourage, uplift, and value you is suicide. As I preciously stated, we are not built to be alone…so let’s not use that as a mask to cover healing of pain and grief that needs to happen to move forward with the life you deserve. Remember love is something you deserve…and it’s how you stay free.

When Peace is Jeopardized Order Maintains.

Yes, this can extend to our ability to be present for others, but the first issue caused is the struggle to be present for self. When it is hanging by a thread order & routine have been a life saver. It does require a bit of self-push, but the benefits of instituting an order that works for you can help with positive mental health until peace is restored to a place that is comfortable for you.

We Must Train Our Children.

We are all learning and navigating the journey of parenthood as best we can [no judgment] but being Black in this country means we do not have the same amount of time, and our kids don’t have the same amount of grace nor space to be kids and make mistakes. We must prepare them with a sense of urgency like their life depends on it…because it does. Our children’s ability to survive and thrive starts with our ability to pour in love, train them, and place them in an environment with a village that will reinforce said training. Together we can save our children and community…but it required that we train our children on par with how much we love them.