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Expecting Mothers Need Peace.

October 31, 2018 by  
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Sometimes we must pray for ourselves, watch the tendency to be a bit selfish, and remember that stress can kill her and/or the baby.

How R&B Influences Women.

R&B is still influencing black lives today and I know it will continue to do so for generations to come. With new up and coming artists the influence of R&B will forever live on.

Some Out of the Ordinary Ideas for Your Next Visit to Miami.

October 30, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( If you’re going to be heading to Miami soon, whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, you’ll find lots of things to do there that you’ve never done before. You don’t have to do things that everyone does while they’re in Miami. Instead, you should try to find ways of spending your time […]

Your Guide to Sustainable Fashion.

October 29, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( In the modern world, everything you do has an impact on the environment, and on the lives of other people. There is no exception when it comes to fashion, as it is surprisingly one of the most damaging industries in the world. This is what some people consider a fair cost to looking good, […]

Anniversary Gifts With A Touch Of Class.

October 26, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( The wedding is over, the honeymoon has gone too and now you’re in the thick of it. This is what marriage is all about, the day after day of being faithful, loyal and loving your partner. Being there for them when they have no one else to confide with about their insecurities in life […]

Getting The Most Out Of Every Situation.

Tweet ( Life is for living, and if you aren’t living it right, then what’s the point of living at all! A deep opening we know, but we have to admit that we know most of you definitely won’t be making the most out of every situation that you have in life. We let opportunities pass […]

Women Deserve Equal Pay.

October 26, 2018 by  
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It is up to us women to make our voices heard loud and clear, in order to receive equal pay as men, and there should be no negotiating about it! 

Finding the Best Legal Representative: 4 Qualities to Look For When Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer.

October 24, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( If you have been in a vehicular collision and you are not sure of what your next step should be, then the entire situation can seem bewildering. If the other party was the one at fault, and you sustained severe injuries, then it behooves you to seek out attorneys for your legal concerns. You […]

Suite Deal, Girl! Luxury Accommodation At Low Prices.

October 23, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( Is there anything better than a luxury vacation? Now that fall is here and winter is on the way, the answer is hell no! Get me out of here and to a place where the sun shines all year round and the beaches are golden and sandy. Ah, that’s the life. Of course, luxury […]

What Price Beauty?

Isn’t it time to stand  up and say,  I determine my own beauty standards?  So, what will it be, your definition of  physical attractiveness or mainstream society?  You figure it out. 

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