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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

December 30, 2015 by  
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Tweet ( If you’ve got any sort of experience in investments, you probably are already familiar with bonds and stocks. That’s where most of the money goes and for good reason. The returns are high, their performances are proven, and the market is easy to navigate. There is one potential downfall, though, and that’s over […]

5 Ways to Help Children Become Better Creative Writers.

December 28, 2015 by  
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Tweet ( The main goal of creative writing is to entertain the reader. The writer chooses the right words and style that will convey their thoughts and ideas appropriately. While everyone can be a creative writer because of their capacity to tell stories in a lively way, some children will need more than encouragement. As […]

The Christmas Full Moon in Cancer: The First in 38 Years.

December 25, 2015 by  
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Tweet ( Love & Prosperity! On Friday, December 25th we will be reflecting, healing and planning under the energies of the Cancer Full Moon. Full moons are a time of wholeness, completion and self-reflection. At this time of the month, we are full of the intentions set during the new moon giving way for the […]

A Journey to Natural.

December 20, 2015 by  
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Tweet ( Over the last few years I’ve been hearing about this term called “creamy crack”. I was told it was being addicted to getting g a relaxed without fail every few weeks or months. Addicted is a rather harsh word. When I was younger I considered going natural, but I preferred to do it […]