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The Price of Standing Still.

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( My father used to sing a song titled, “Everything Must Change”. Though it has a romantic vibe to it the lyrics can be applied to life. Time is always moving forward, and it stops for no one. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from good ol Father Time. Granted there is a time to be still, however that is for a moment. By nature, we need to move, and truth be told it is in our best interest to move forward. It seems that standing still too long forces us to work against ourselves regardless of how it happens. When there is stiffness in our bones, or stagnant state in our daily life or spiritual space we might need to question if we are moving. I’m convinced there is a price to be paid for standing still too long.

The Price of Standing Still - Mature Black Woman Thinking.

There is a comfort that can be found in getting into a rhythm, and I’m not talking about a progressive rhythm but more so a mundane routine. That routine becomes an ingrained habit that becomes like a stone grinding away at us. We can see things going left in our lives, and we’ll question everything but the routine that is causing the madness. It’s easier to leave comfort alone because change requires work. Moving after being still too long requires work, and it is often uncomfortable. If we take a moment to reflect, honestly, over the time standing still…we may find that it is time to move immediately.

The easiest way to see the need for movement is to look at the human body. The idea that you must use it or lose it has some truth to it. When we don’t move our bodies there is a stiffness that sets into our bones. We’re prone to unhealthy weight gain, joint aches and pains, and we’re more prone to injury. If we are too sedentary it can affect our mental and emotional health. Depression and so much more can set in as the body goes from sitting to laying consistently with no real movement. The body required stretching and exercise of some sort. This is the reason some feel taking a walk helps to clear the mind and lift one’s mood. The necessity and importance of movement when looking at the body is pretty much an open and shut case. Even if we struggle to make it happen…it’s understood there are pretty in your face consequences of sitting still. However, it is not as easily recognizable in other areas of our life. It is also easier to negate, and or avoid in those other areas.

I was perusing Instagram one day and came across a video of Deion Sanders helping his daughter work on her time in the mile. What caught my attention was him instructing her to find her pace, and also not to stop. He, paraphrasing, basically told her that standing still is one way the enemy can catch you. Though it was encouragement for a run…it got me to thinking about stillness in the sense of being idle. Some are standing still spiritually, and one could argue that leads to standing still mentally. While we’re standing there it seems like all heck is breaking loose in life. There are things that need to be done, decisions that need to be made, new endeavors to partake in…but we aren’t moving at all.

Have you ever had that moment where you felt like you needed to pray and meditate, but instead you just sat there? Have you looked around you and saw things that needed to be done, and yes you thought about it, but sat there? Have you ever made a plan and mapped out everything that needed to be done, but instead of executing the plan you just replayed it in your mind? Are you in a relationship that isn’t healthy, and you have the power to walk away, but you haven’t moved? Did you know it was time to start looking for avenues to advance your career, or grow your business but you are standing there? This brainstorm can continue for many of us, because too many of us are standing still instead of moving forward.

I will never tell you going from a state of standing still to moving is easy. Once you are in motion and it becomes what you do yes it gets easier. However, the initial steps can be difficult, and there can be some fear involved. No one is telling you to go from still to sprinting. Take your time and start somewhere….one step at a time until you are walking and then finding your pace. Regain your life back by putting it in a positive forward motion. The steps you take now can be the difference between you living the life you deserve, and merely existing. The choice is yours.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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