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Knowing When to Take a Leap of Faith.

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God could care less about your high paying job and benefits, He don’t care about who’s going to talk about you, He will elevate you in the face of your enemies, He will provide for your every need once you step out and take that leap of faith.

Healing Isn’t Magic.

Though your family sounds redundant they are trying to appeal to the need for you to take an active part in your healing. If you shut them out or continue to live in non-compliance, they may become desensitized to preserve their own emotional state. The same bible that speaks of healing is the same bible the requires your having a part to play. You can’t just think and pray your way out of sickness.

“Don’t Put That on Jesus”: The Wrongful Justification of Hatred with Christianity.

Instead, use your Christian beliefs as valuable and solid evidence to your argument or opinion.  If you cannot do so, leave Christianity out of your problematic perspective. It already has enough on its plate.

Be Secure in Your Faith.

So if you have been adhering to the methods in the scriptures from the first paragraph, you should be so secure in your faith knowing that God will take care of you and strengthen you before, during and after any situation.  He is the Creator of life and all things in it so who is better to secure your faith in?  No one.

My Faith in God vs. My Doubts.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual journey, exercise using your faith, do the work and God will do exceedingly and abundantly in your life.

Looking Back: What is Easter.

Had I listened I believe this holiday would carry more weight in my life than it currently does now. I’m honest enough to admit that, and I have the time to work on it.  What is Resurrection Sunday for you? Is that a power that flows daily in your life? are you able to apply it to life’s challenges? Not knowing why this particular Sunday should mean so much beyond what we are seeing could be a part of why the faith is often mocked.

Is Church Your Tradition.

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Our relationship with God is personal, but how we live that out is not. Dare to make church, and spirituality more than merely a Sunday morning routine.

Growth Can Be Painful, But It’s Necessary.

That person may initially feel pain from their muscles but as time passes and they continue to work out, they’ll see their body transform and reach their weight loss goals. Growth is painful but it is necessary to reach our fullest potentials in life.

Seven Ways to Make Your Spiritual Connection with God, Better.

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Connecting with God is such a simple thing to do, but yet it seems so hard at the same time.  Implementing these seven ways to connect with God, better is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and the Creator.

Use Your Gift.

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Listen to the Spirit and use your gift(s), it could be an opportunity for you, for building the kingdom of God or to help someone else in life.  Our gifts may be of a variety, but I servitude to God, is the same.

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