Friday, July 19, 2024

Beautiful Comes From Inside.

Tweet ( We live in a society whereby “beauty” is skin deep, and strong is attached to what we can endure or obtain. Its interesting that the term pretty is not used as often, and there are some women that would see it as an insult in comparison to beautiful. Truth is many obtain pretty […]

5 Reasons Why All Black Women Should Vote.

November 20, 2015 by  
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Tweet ( The election season is quickly coming upon us and you may have noticed there’s a lot of talk about the Women’s Vote. That’s because women make up 51% of the population of which a paltry 7% is black. The good news is that most black women live in cities and towns that have […]

Fox “Empire”; Why Sistas Love Cookie.

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Tweet ( I took the time to watch season one of Empire. I admit  I had some reservations about the show regarding black image, and stereotypes. However, I did not want to speak against something I’ve never seen, or having only watched one or two episodes.  The  writers  definitely understand drama, and the music is […]