Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Lonely or Alone?

One of these attributes is not better than the other, but knowing which one you prefer will definitely help you with developing friendships and knowing yourself.  Also, these attributes are not negative either.  It does not matter if you enjoy being by yourself or being with people.  As long as you are loving the person you are becoming, that is all that matters.

What Tech Support Services Are Available To You?

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Tweet (ThySistas.com) Most companies offering IT support solutions present a diverse array of services, depending on the resources they have available, their capacity, and, obviously, what their customers need and want. On this page, we will have a look at a few of the services you can take advantage of when outsourcing IT support so […]

Admitting the Change Upstream.

When I was sitting on my bed crying, it happened because I had to admit that something I had been chasing for almost my entire life was something I would never obtain.  The reason I would never obtain it is because of the person I am now.  That goal was something I set a LONG time ago before I really became an adult.  While I would love for it to happen, it can not. I have to come to terms with that.  The change, however, is something that I can accomplish as an adult and feel confident in knowing that this change is for me.  It will make me better. A better me means a better world.  I may not like the change upstream, but I am grateful that it is happening.

Tips for Working Away From The Office.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) Your office will feel like your professional home, but that doesn’t mean that you should be eternally committed to working there every single day. Life becomes more interesting when you take a break from your home routine, and go on a trip somewhere else. And the same can be applied to your business. […]

5 Reasons To Hire An IT Team To Support Your Business.

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Tweet (ThySistas.com) If you’re thinking about hiring an IT team to support your business but you don’t know where to begin then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. Whether you’ve been running your business for years or you’ve only just started, having an IT team to support you could benefit you […]

Come Back to the Core.

If you are wondering why you do not have these, it is not your fault.  Recent generations have not had very clear core values established for various reasons.  It has been kind of difficult to lay out values when you are constantly being judged or criticized for what you believe.  That does not mean you can not start today with coming back to your middle. Come back to your core values.

The Bubble: Harming or Helping.

I do, however, applaud Lizzie for knowing herself and her truth.  In the aforementioned interview, she admits that her personality has stayed consistent. She does not care where she is.  She is going to be who she is unapologetically.  Is the bubble she is in good or bad?  The answer to that question is very subjective. However, knowing how the bubble can help or harm you will assist in cultivating you into the person you want to be.

How to Manage Your Time and Optimize Your Work Day.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) We women are all busy these days, whether you’re a working mom or a professional woman climbing the corporate ladder. With so many things to juggle, it can be hard to stay on top of your mounting workload, let alone find some time to rest and recharge.  There are some ways to change […]

If You Want A Great Marketing Strategy Try Growing It Organically.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) Are you finding it tough to match your competition pound for pound (or dollar for dollar) when it comes to ad buys and other kinds of traditional digital marketing? There’s a way that might be more effective and also a little less expensive. Here, we’re going to look at organic marketing, its strengths […]

Correction Doesn’t Equal Hatred.

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There is a whole generation of youth watching our interactions and they are being taught how to govern themselves by our actions. When we can’t take correction, we are creating a generation that will behave in the same manner. Disrespect is never acceptable. It isn’t acceptable when a woman (or man) is called out of their name; it is not acceptable when the wrong party tries to shun responsibility and cry hatred. All disrespect is wrong…not just the version that applies to you.

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