Sunday, May 26, 2024

July 2015 Inspirational Horoscopes.

Tweet ( Cancer – This month is all about partnerships! In partnerships we find balance to give and receive, we find support, we see our reflection more clearly, we learn to build, we learn to trust and we are able to play more freely with others. This isn’t liimited only to romantic relationships, it includes friendships, business […]

Aligning Your Relationships for Success.

Tweet ( Love and Prosperity! Welcome to Moonday’s edition of Astro Weekly, your one stop spot for this week’s happenings in astrology. This Week’s Energy is all about Aligning Your Relationships with Success! Opportunities comes most often to those who are ready to take a leap of faith. I’d say this is due to the […]

4 Tips for Playing The Dating Game.

Tweet ( Many women get upset when I refer to dating as a game, I guess they take the process very seriously. It’s no joking matter to them! But neither is basketball, football or any other game to the athletes involved. Similiar to sports, the dating game too has winners and losers. The losers could […]