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Part 3: What Women Want – A Better Image.

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Tweet ( They say you should always write about what you know, your experiences and how you are living.   As a self-proclaimed writer, this is easier said than done since when I do have time to write I can hardly put two sentences together.  Well, if you did not know it by now having a […]

Part 2; Okay Just Shut Up and Die Why Don’t You!

Tweet ( But Don’t Let the Title Fool You…  I am not in denial of growing older. I accept the fact that yes one day I will be 90 years old God willing. If I’m healthy with my own faculties then living to the age of 90 would be wonderful. Am I fighting the aging […]

A Mother’s Joy Thank You for Choosing Me.

Tweet ( During this mother’s day I found myself reflecting on the joys, ups and downs of motherhood. Mother’s Day is a day when all of us that have played a role in raising a child are acknowledged. The role of those moms may be mothers that have given birth, aunts, Godmothers, sisters and cousins […]

Yes, Fear Is a Mother For Ya!

Tweet ( Fear is such a powerful instrument that can be used to hold us back. Fear is an emotion that can literally grab a hold of a person leaving him or her feeling helpless, venerable and stagnate. Even after convincing ourselves that we can and will be successful at what we set our sights on, […]