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Ungrateful Spirits Destroy Families.

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( Gratitude is a very important part of relationships. It requires us to be thankful for the people in our life, and the sacrifices they make for us. Some make the mistake of thinking this is a kin to having things kept over one’s head. We have those that are of the mind that if something is done for them it should never be mentioned again, because if it was about being there for them why should it have to be re-hashed. Many allow this manner of thinking to stand because they had honest intentions when they gave assistance to a loved one, and they don’t want their character falsely spoken against. You know how it is, you are the person that answers and doesn’t think twice. You hear the thank you in word, but the actions are lacking, but again it’s deemed wrong to speak on things that have been done do we just move on. There are those that get help with choices they have decided to make within their life. They couldn’t accomplish their dream alone [hint no one can] so family and friends stood with them. However, overtime help was wanted with no line of accountability. They knew the hearts of all parties involved so people are sacrificing, covering, and blessing only to be made to be a villain due to underlining insecurities and jealousy. But remember, no one is allowed to address the matter because you can’t speak on assistance that is given. All of this is aspects of deal people that have ungrateful spirits; this behavior can tear a family apart.

This ungrateful behavior amongst family is something we need to pay attention to as we look at what is necessary for the restoration of the family. Far too often the elders know they have children with ungrateful tendencies; instead of speaking to it they make excuses or say nothing. Sometimes the children are taught to be ungrateful from their elders. Being they’re for someone and being loyal to them means coming to their aid in times of need; it is also honesty, and sometimes it means trying to save them from themselves. However, everyone is down for having someone stand with them, defend them, pay for them, and/or protect them…until that person has to say you were wrong in this area. In that moment you find that there was no gratitude, simply an ungrateful spirit.


In that space there can be lashing out, lies told, misrepresentation or situations, and a severe case of amnesia. We see this also happen when the person that always said yes, couldn’t say yes, this time. Now all of a sudden that person has never been supportive. However remember, it’s looked down upon to remind someone you’ve been there for them. When it comes to family, we are willing to address so much, and pray about so much, but we’ve got to deal with the ungratefulness that is taking place, being taught, and being excused. There are people that love their family, have been injured by family, and can’t address a soul because no one will listen. So, they simply don’t come around much, and leave early.

My mother has always raised my siblings and I to have an attitude of gratitude in everything we do or receive. A good friend of mine sent me a YouTube video whereby Master P [she knows I’m a fan] is addressing his frustration with his younger brother Corey Miller (C-Murder), regarding what appears to be ungrateful behavior as Master P has done a lot over the years to try to help get his brother fight a wrongful murder conviction. As I was watching the video my heart was heavy, and I was almost in tears, because I could hear the hurt in this man’s voice. We don’t always want to be told: get your life together, you must do something different, this path leads to destruction, you’re anger almost destroyed everything, beloved you’ve got to try and help yourself, whats happening is wrong and there are still things you have to be accountable for…all of these positions make you the villain. Even if God is using you to bankrolling the deliverance in a situation, no one wants to persona non grata in their own family. This ungratefulness breaks hearts and injures spirits. It’s a thank you… it’s calming down long enough to realize the person you might be angry with is trying to save your life, it’s remembering all the yes moments, gratefulness is the combination of words & deeds.

Please know a person has the right to defend themselves with their character and deeds. If they have helped and been there when you were at your lowest moments, yet you seem to have forgotten such, said person has a right to defend their character with their track record. That ungrateful spirit doesn’t want such things mentioned because the narrative is then set straight, and their ungratefulness will be exposed. So much family hurt can be avoided if we would have an attitude of gratitude towards those we love, our family. Let’s stop giving strangers, and setting ourselves up for hurt, the love and roses that our family earned. Yes, there are those that have terrible family dynamics, but that doesn’t apply to everyone. Furthermore, your stance on gratitude is a question if your character, not that of someone else.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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  1. Joseph Donahue says:

    It is not easy to save yourself from unforgetful spirits.

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