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5 Things You Can Use Daily for Inspiration.

Finding online or offline inspiration in those much needed moments in your life is easily accessible and cost from FREE to under $20.  Invest in your inner self and use these things for a dose of daily inspiration.

Best Places to Take a Road Trip in the South this Spring.

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Road trips can be done at your pace unlike the hustle and bustles of catching flights.  You can stop as many times as you like on your journey to your destination.

Springing into Your New Relationship.

Challenge yourself to get out more to find new interesting people to date.  Don’t go to your regular spots that you hang out at for coffee or for brunch with your friends.  Go to new places because usually, you will meet your mate in places that you wouldn’t typically be at.  Just make sure you aren’t up tight and let loose a little bit.  The world has changed so be safe and date responsibly.

Winning Grins – 5 Ways to Get Whiter, Brighter Teeth.

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Tweet ( Good smiles are on the rise. In a world of social media full of pictures and filters, a bright white smile has incredible power. It lights up your face, creating a signal of happiness and youth while instantly communicating that you have good hygiene. All of these things combine to naturally boost your […]

How To Help Your Teen Avoid Trouble.

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Tweet ( Our children grow up so incredibly fast. One minute, it seems they are babes in arms, relying on us for everything, and the next, they are beginning to grow up and move off in their own direction. A natural part of this is a little rebellion. Just like with toddlers, teens are in […]

Easy Ways to Avoid Getting into Too Much Debt.

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Tweet ( Having a credit card will always come with some degree of risk. When you have accumulated too much debt, it can take years for you to pay it off, not to mention that it can also be difficult for you to ever get on top of things again. If you want to stop […]

How to Rebuild Trust in A Relationship?

You have to allow your partner who cheated, the space to gain your trust again.  If you continue to shut down or turn away from them, you’re hurting the relationship even the more.  How to rebuild trust in a relationship?  Three simple answers: forgive, seek professional help and date again!

Work and Play.

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Put your phone or laptop away if need be and go out and play.  Everything will indeed survive without you believe it or not.

Seasons of Dating.

Don’t continue to stay in toxic relationships or relationships that keep you guessing and dealing with mind games.  Relationships requires the commitment of two people in order for them to work effectively.

Does Homeschooling Actually Work?

Tweet ( It’s one thing when we have to take control of their health, but what about when we have to take control of their education? Homeschooling is one of those things that is becoming more popular, either because the children are unable to cope in a social sense, or the parents believe that their […]

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