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Become a Goal Getter: 6 Tips for Achieving Every Business Goal You Set.

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Track Your Progress

Many companies set goals, fail to track them, then wonder why they aren’t achieving the desired results. Track your progress, and you’ll shoot ahead of these businesses. Tracking your progress will reveal whether you’re on the right path or in need of adjustments and course correction. You may even identify areas of your business that are lagging and require intervention. 

Coworking Challenges: 5 Common Coworking Space Problems & How to Overcome Them.

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Despite these easily solved concerns with coworking spaces, there are also significant advantages. They offer people the ability to work in a collaborative environment while still having the freedom to be creative and productive. Some troubleshooting may be required to get the most out of your coworking space, but with the tips above, that task shouldn’t be difficult. 

Corporate Culture: 5 Mistakes That Can Lead to Toxic Workplace Culture.

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Building a healthy workplace means avoiding unhealthy errors. Keep the five toxic mistakes above in mind so you can prevent the worst and build the best.

Myths & Misconceptions: The Truth About 5 Common Real Estate Myths.

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Investing in commercial property for sale can help you build wealth, expand your portfolio, or provide a central office for your business to grow. That being said, there are a lot of myths that keep people away from the profitable real estate market. Let’s take a look at five of the most common myths and expose the reality beneath. 

When Praise Becomes Medicine.

There is nothing wrong with them relieving their heaviness and it ought not be mocked, for in doing so we also mock culture. Song and dance has always been therapy for our people and that’s not fake…so when we see the posts of those that praise, lets leave them be. They are hurting no one, and they aren’t hurting themselves.

Changing How We View Wash Day.

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Self-evaluation is always a blessing because it leads to right thinking which can lead to healing and progress. I realized a crown is something to be loved, adored, handled with care, and respected. It is a symbol of power. Sistahs this is what our hair is…a symbol of a more internal power. I began to meditate on this revelation, only to decide how I view and engage hair day needed to be different. I needed to schedule a time to tend to my hair so that I wouldn’t be tired or irritable.

Experience Can Be A Cage.

Which is it? Please understand this kind of cage can restrain us in every area of our life that it allies. Some of us are in spiritual cages, cultural cages, and even academic cages. This happens any time negative experiences become the reason that we disavow a whole when the whole is not what caused us harm.

One Room at a Time Sis.

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It is important to realize there will always be laundry to tend to, dishes to wash, and something to clean. There will days when all you can muster is making the bed or taking a shower…that is quite okay; it is still progress. Give yourself the grace you give others, and more importantly the grace you deserve.

Control Can Be Dangerous.

Loving them means showing respect for them, even when you disagree with their course of action. Remember, you also have a path that must be charted and that requires your energy. Don’t risk the relationships you value over control. Don’t sell yourself short by focusing so much on others that you neglect the one you have a right to control, self.

Drake: Sis Are You Surprised.

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Though it’s on the list of few songs I like by Drake, my introduction to him was “Brand New”. Truth be told he hasn’t changed much. His disrespect of these black women is upsetting, but sistahs unfortunately he hasn’t surprised me yet.

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