Saturday, May 21, 2022

Dead to Wanting to Fit.

I’m dead to wanting to fit, and I strongly suggest you do the same. Be advised it doesn’t fix the situations and differences that exist. However, you are moving authentically so the rest will take care of itself.

I Don’t Behave.

Having a voice, personality, and mind of your own doesn’t make you led than [or out of your place] as a wife. Realize those are all smoke screens used to put you in a box that is nor of your making…and not for you. Don’t behave. Walk in your fullness everyday of your life bodly.

Lush Living: 5 Ways To Enjoy The Luxuries You Love On A Budget.

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For example, if you’re a coffee-lover, you might buy coffee beans online rather than settling for cheap instant coffee from the grocery store.

Children Should Attention Current Events.

This is where you teach the difference between entertainment and opinion sources, verses reputable news sources, and why this matters. You are able to impart wisdom and explain various nuances that they won’t get in a classroom.

Three Tips For Moving Bulking Items.

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Once you have disassembled all the bulky items and it’s time to move them, using proper body mechanics is a must.

Respect the Mind of Your Village.

Again, this is not about giving toxic a place, but more so those in your family/village, that are overshadowed and quieted by no fault of their own. Remember them and allow them to stand in their truth, and function as an active member of the village they love.  

Capacity Isn’t A Scapegoat.

We’ve got to do a better job of moving in sincerity with out village, before we look up to find ourselves standing alone. Sn individual is not going to wait forever while you decide whether, or not, you want to care. The misuse of capacity is cruel, and we should try honesty instead.  

The Consequence of Study is Knowing.

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It is important to know the next generation is watching when the scholar is shunned, and they may choose a different path to avoid said outcome. They won’t care if knowledge is power…they won’t be willing to pay the price of being what appears to be a villain within their own family.

The Hypocrisy is Blinding.

It is a corrosive disease that eats away at the foundation of any relationship. It is a gateway to soul deep lies, deception and manipulation. It is judgement in the most damaging form, and though it is easily seen…it’s hardly called out in a manner befitting the evil it intends.

You Might as Well Cuss.

This might sound hilarious, but it happens too often to those that dare to “study to show themselves approved”. The issue is we are more worried about cussing then abuse of power. We are more concerned about the past of others, than our heart towards them when we “lead them the Christ”.

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