Thursday, January 23, 2020

Prince Harry Was Right to Choose His Family.

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This was not a choice without consequences, and it’s understandable that there is more than likely some hurt involved. When we choose to start a family that unit has to become a priority. Maybe one day there can be reconciliation in the family, but they will know Prince Harry is serious about the peace of his household. When if the royal family doesn’t like it…this is a move they must respect.

This Administration Can’t Use Dr. King.

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They wouldn’t understand what it means to commemorate the life of someone who was selfless to the cause of seeing justice in this country. This administration has not heart…and the soul of it is foul. America has to open its eyes completely to what we’ve always been…because it has given birth to where we are right now. Maybe that is something we should contemplate as we think on the life and legacy of Dr. King.

It’s Okay to Have a Life.

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The people in your life that don’t understand your boundaries but demand you respect theirs are selfish and depending on the situation they could have narcissistic tendencies. Those are not people that mean you well. Creating boundaries one at a time starting small can help address the anxiety that may have been created by dealing with people that had been emotionally abusing you. Remember this is your life, and you must cherish said life. Do what’s necessary for you to be fulfilled in your life.

Coffee Crowd – 4 Unique Ways To Make Your Café Stand Out From The Competition.

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Tweet ( Like most of us, you’ve probably been raised to believe that if you work hard, anything is possible. While that’s certainly true in many cases, it never hurts to be center stage and have an edge over your competition. This is especially true in the hospitality industry which is arguably over-saturated. Having a […]

Discover The Steps You Should Take When You Lose Your Job.

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Tweet ( It’s sadly true to say that the issue of reundancy is really nothing short of a fact of life. For many people it will be completely inescapable regardless of the action that you try and take. You can be made reundant and it may be no fault of yours. It may not even […]

Give the Mercy You Expect.

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Walk into this new year determined to be your best person and let your healing shine through. This doesn’t mean you are expected to be perfect. This means you recognize you are a work in progress and so are other people. You don’t want to be assumed and judged based off the behavior of others, so don’t sow that energy. As you heal look more towards reciprocity this coming year as it will help you establish balance within yourself and with others.

No Kids on Purpose.

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There are many factors that you may not be privy to to elaborate on why the stork has not dropped anything on their doorstep…and may never do so.  For some,  physical ailments keep them from reproduction. For others, time and making a living keep them from bringing forth a new generation. Whatever the reason may be, do not allow it to keep you from treating parents or non-parents with any less respect.

You Don’t Need Permission to Parent Your Child.

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You are teaching them how to govern themselves properly in various different settings that is appropriate for the society we live in. Never allow someone to make you feel you need to meet their standard for parenting when they are not as invested in your baby as you are…no one will ever fight for your child the way you will. No, you aren’t perfect but do your best to parent in the best interest of your child unapologetically.

We Can Disagree Without Hatred.

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We must give the equality we seek and respect everyone’s right to love freely. We can lose allies when we force who we are onto someone else. I haven’t been back to the library honestly because I don’t want to cross her path. It’s a shame we make people to feel this way. Infringing on another’s right to love will never secure your rights.

There’s Levels to Your Peace of Mind.

Yes, your brain is on the grind.  It is sending messages faster than Apollo to all of Zeus’ offspring.  That does not mean, however, that you can not find time to be the best you can for you.  Finding your peace of mind will help you to be a great person physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It may not be popular, but most great things are not.  That is perfectly fine because it is your peace.

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