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When Peace is Jeopardized Order Maintains.

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( Prioritizing one’s peace has finally become a focus for many people. It is more than a trending topic, and it should be. There is no maintaining positive mental health without peace, however it is a challenge because there are so many things that can affect our peace…and all of them are not within our control. Peace can manifest itself in various ways, and it depends on the person. However, there is a calmness and settling that comes over us when operating in a state of peace. I acknowledge that my elders taught me that keeping my peace was a choice that I have to take control of to keep. Though I understand their position, I admit that I find this to be a challenge at times.

When Peace is Jeopardized Order Maintains.

Peace can be eroded by various kinds of trauma and life situations. It seems when our peace is in jeopardy the world feels like it’s upside down, this can trigger panic and anxiety. When this happens, everything can quickly spiral into dysfunction causing us to neglect basics actions and necessities. The truth is there isn’t much in this life that we can control, but self is always a given. When peace is threatened, we need a plan in place to steady us until peace is restored.

The physical, and in some cases mental, order of your life is something you can create and dictate. It can be adjusted to fit where you are at any moment. The beauty of order is it’s not based on how we feel, and it can be carried out in most cases regardless of what’s going on in the world. I submit to you that order may very well be able to keep us while we attend to getting our peace back. We might not be able to change what is chewing at peace, but we can maintain self. Look around you, if you find that your surroundings are cluttered, and your living space is a reflection of your internal space, this is something you can fix. Give yourself 3-5min, and when that time is up, regardless of how you feel resign yourself to move. It will be a challenge on some days, but the good days are worth it. Something as simple as turning on your favorite music, or movie….and folding the laundry, hence clearing the occupied space. You can re-organize the pantry, sweep & mom your floors, deep clean rooms. Clearing the space and the movement may help you think and clear your mind.

Finding peace is a wonderful thing, but at times life tends to make maintaining such a challenge. Allowing order to come to the forefront might help keep a balance until peace is restored. Believe me when I tell you I understand the tug of war for peace. If not careful, everything around us can come crashing down while trying to maintain peace.

Yes, this can extend to our ability to be present for others, but the first issue caused is the struggle to be present for self. When it is hanging by a thread order & routine have been a life saver. It does require a bit of self-push, but the benefits of instituting an order that works for you can help with positive mental health until peace is restored to a place that is comfortable for you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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