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How To Get A Unique Gift For A Child.

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Tweet ( Kids nowadays seem to have it all. Just the idea that they have access to so many technologies compared to older generations is downright baffling. With the wide array of products available out there and the ever-changing tastes and preferences of any kid, it can be quite daunting choosing the right kind of gift. […]

Did You Choose Him.

I say this because in pressured situations who they are will come out without question. Did you choose him? If the answer is yes, etc…

Be Careful with Wax This Summer.

If you have never waxed do you do diligence as far as knowing where you are going, making sure it’s a sanitary environment, communicating, etc.

Can’t Work, But Can’t Afford To Take Sick Leave?

Tweet ( For many people who are ill, taking the choice to not go into work can be a difficult decision to make. Not all companies in America offer paid sick leave and those that do may only pay a small amount of compensation. Some people may choose to try and continue work and fight through […]

Hit the Reset Button.

Unplug yourself from everything pulling from you long enough to hit the needed re-set. Self-care and love begins with you…replenish, etc…

No Asian Nail Shops for Me.

May 25, 2018 by  
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I appreciate being able to go to my black owned nail shop, that is clean, peaceful, and the energy is great. I know the women here, etc…

They Chose Wellness.

All you can do is love them and understand that those that backed away had to choose wellness…it was not love loss.

Self-Care in 5 Minutes.

I guarantee, once you put yourself first, and take some time out of your day, just for you, you will live a more peaceful and abundant life, etc.

You Can’t Fix Everyone.

Guarding your heart and energy is not a crime or a selfish act…it is one of self-care. You must realize you can’t fix everyone, etc….

Here’s Why You Should Build a Construction Startup.

May 24, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( Women are finally getting more than merely a foot in the door of entrepreneurship and it’s time to expand our horizons a bit. With about 4 million women who owned businesses 30 years ago, there are now around 11 million; that’s a tremendous growth that we’d like to push forward. While women do indeed […]

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