Friday, January 17, 2020

Give the Mercy You Expect.

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Walk into this new year determined to be your best person and let your healing shine through. This doesn’t mean you are expected to be perfect. This means you recognize you are a work in progress and so are other people. You don’t want to be assumed and judged based off the behavior of others, so don’t sow that energy. As you heal look more towards reciprocity this coming year as it will help you establish balance within yourself and with others.

No Kids on Purpose.

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There are many factors that you may not be privy to to elaborate on why the stork has not dropped anything on their doorstep…and may never do so.  For some,  physical ailments keep them from reproduction. For others, time and making a living keep them from bringing forth a new generation. Whatever the reason may be, do not allow it to keep you from treating parents or non-parents with any less respect.

You Don’t Need Permission to Parent Your Child.

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You are teaching them how to govern themselves properly in various different settings that is appropriate for the society we live in. Never allow someone to make you feel you need to meet their standard for parenting when they are not as invested in your baby as you are…no one will ever fight for your child the way you will. No, you aren’t perfect but do your best to parent in the best interest of your child unapologetically.

We Can Disagree Without Hatred.

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We must give the equality we seek and respect everyone’s right to love freely. We can lose allies when we force who we are onto someone else. I haven’t been back to the library honestly because I don’t want to cross her path. It’s a shame we make people to feel this way. Infringing on another’s right to love will never secure your rights.

There’s Levels to Your Peace of Mind.

Yes, your brain is on the grind.  It is sending messages faster than Apollo to all of Zeus’ offspring.  That does not mean, however, that you can not find time to be the best you can for you.  Finding your peace of mind will help you to be a great person physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It may not be popular, but most great things are not.  That is perfectly fine because it is your peace.

Use the Front Door.

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Yes, black people should call the police if they see too much suspicious behavior in the streets and stay inside. Well, the one neighbor that answered the door was assaulted and robbed. The situation was so upsetting as I knew the neighbor very well and they were severely hurt. This began my stance of use the front door. If I can’t see, I’m not opening my door. I realized nowhere is so safe that I can let my guard down. Given the season, and just in general, have folks come to your front door. Please do all that you can to stay vigilant and safe. The world needs your light.

Get Involved in the Process.

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Voting is very important, but we need to put the same push behind getting involved on various levels as we do going to the polls. We know what our people, and community need. Black women have shown that they are a force for change, and we must get that done in elected positions if we want to see more change happen at a faster more efficient pace.

2020 Can be Different if you Do Something Different.

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We’ve all heard that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting the results to be different. To have a dynamic 2020 you must stop playing denial games with self. The thing is there are people in your life that you genuinely rooting for you to win. They love you and are in your corner…they many have also tried to say some of the same things only to be ignored or verbally attacked. They had their allegiance to you questioned because they were loyal enough to you to tell you the truth.

Meghan McCain Reminds Me of the Privilege of White Women.

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We have to deal with Meghan McCain on our TV because she’s an entitled white girl that is standing on her dad’s legacy and some sort of validation of her voice not realizing she needs a voice of her own. Until she figures out how to have an adult conversation without throwing her privilege, I think she should refrain from speaking…though we know that’s not happening. The thing is Meghan McCain is the kind of political voice that reminds me a white woman is not my ally, and in many instances we could never explain to her why she’s a part of the political problem.

Come and Listen WITH Me.

Jodeci started with the best intentions in their song asking for a gorgeous woman to simply having a conversation to build to something greater.  I wonder what happens, however, after she comes and talks to him. Will he hear or will he listen?  Will he accept what she says even if he does not agree? Will he practice empathy?  Who knows.  If he does, he is one step closer to closing the gap between men and women that has plagued us for too long.

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