Tuesday, July 16, 2019

4 Side Hustles You Can Do from Home.

No matter what your passion is, you can make a side hustle from it and with the money you earn from it, you can do as you please.  You can take vacations more, pay down your debt, put it all in savings or whatever you chose to do with it.  There is no stability in having only one stream of income.  That is also not how you will ever build wealth.  Get your side hustle on from home.

“Don’t Put That on Jesus”: The Wrongful Justification of Hatred with Christianity.

Instead, use your Christian beliefs as valuable and solid evidence to your argument or opinion.  If you cannot do so, leave Christianity out of your problematic perspective. It already has enough on its plate.

The Pandora’s Box Issa Opened.

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I felt like I had to be something that I was not, and I was not happy about that.  Now, I realized that being weird is a beautiful thing. I add value to this world. I add culture to this world. I add awesomeness.  So thank you, Issa, for opening Pandora’s Box.  We promise we will make weird beautiful.

5 Ways That Friendships Change After 30.

Fast forward to adulthood, I’m talking age 30 plus. That BFF who you spent all of your days with and all of your nights on the phone with during what felt like were the most critical years of your life is now married with children, lives 9 states away and works 52 hours per week. As for you, you have 4 jobs, a side hustle, a dog, a significant other 6 seasons of 5 shows in cue between Netflix and Hulu.

Generation Y and Z Melanin Speaks…Shut Up and Listen.

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Women of color like those in Sudan and here in the United States prove that we stand for something when it is wrong. We believe in fairness. We want change so badly that we are willing to sacrifice data plans and phone chargers for it.  We promise we are using our melanin for good. We just simply want you to listen, support, and help us along the way.

Be Fair with Your Body.

Try not to be so focused on the weight that you are unable to hear reason which can lead to injury. If those in your corner are positive, and constantly uplifting you let them verses tearing down everything they say. Basically, let your support circle love on you, and help you. This is the group you don’t want to alienate by being defensive and verbally harsh. It is understandable that you want to see the best version of yourself as soon as possible but be fair with your body.

Ways that My Parents Influenced My Adult Behaviors.

When you have a moment, ask yourself, how has your parent’s influence your adult behaviors?  Answer this question regardless if you had an absentee parent or if your parents eventually divorced.  Really look deep into your past childhood and assess why you do the things that you do now as an adult, this activity will be life changing for you if you really put some thought into it.

Every Black Man is Not Enchanted by White Women.

White women need to understand all of our men are not chasing you…as we aren’t chasing all of your men. Those couples that love deeply, regardless of race, let them do so in peace. As for everyone else its time to live in the truth that there are women, other than white women, that are worth loving.

Be Secure in Your Faith.

So if you have been adhering to the methods in the scriptures from the first paragraph, you should be so secure in your faith knowing that God will take care of you and strengthen you before, during and after any situation.  He is the Creator of life and all things in it so who is better to secure your faith in?  No one.

All Forms of Birth Deserve Respect.

Motherhood is hard enough without women on either side of this argument fighting each other about who’s the strongest, who’s delivery was the hardest, and who is the best mother. We can’t ask men to respect our choices where our body is concerned when we can’t do this for each other.

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