Thursday, July 11, 2024

The Price of Standing Still.

I will never tell you going from a state of standing still to moving is easy. Once you are in motion and it becomes what you do yes it gets easier. However, the initial steps can be difficult, and there can be some fear involved. No one is telling you to go from still to sprinting. Take your time and start somewhere….one step at a time until you are walking and then finding your pace. Regain your life back by putting it in a positive forward motion. The steps you take now can be the difference between you living the life you deserve, and merely existing. The choice is yours.

The Pros and Cons of Reality TV for Young Black Women.

However, reality TV also poses some challenges and risks for these women, such as the potential for exploitation and manipulation by the media industry, and the exposure to public scrutiny, criticism, and harassment. Therefore, reality TV can be seen as a double-edged sword for Black women in their 20s, who have to balance the benefits and costs of being in the spotlight.

Love is Liberating.

. I’m in no way saying run back to those that hurt and abuse you. However, I am saying building a wall that would keep out the village will love, support, encourage, uplift, and value you is suicide. As I preciously stated, we are not built to be alone…so let’s not use that as a mask to cover healing of pain and grief that needs to happen to move forward with the life you deserve. Remember love is something you deserve…and it’s how you stay free.

When Peace is Jeopardized Order Maintains.

Yes, this can extend to our ability to be present for others, but the first issue caused is the struggle to be present for self. When it is hanging by a thread order & routine have been a life saver. It does require a bit of self-push, but the benefits of instituting an order that works for you can help with positive mental health until peace is restored to a place that is comfortable for you.

We Must Train Our Children.

We are all learning and navigating the journey of parenthood as best we can [no judgment] but being Black in this country means we do not have the same amount of time, and our kids don’t have the same amount of grace nor space to be kids and make mistakes. We must prepare them with a sense of urgency like their life depends on it…because it does. Our children’s ability to survive and thrive starts with our ability to pour in love, train them, and place them in an environment with a village that will reinforce said training. Together we can save our children and community…but it required that we train our children on par with how much we love them.

Womanhood is More Than a Feeling.

This is not a position of fear nor hate. It’s more so, all feelings and experiences need to be respected. You can’t strong arm a position and define others while demanding a self-defining space. When a biological woman says don’t call me cis-gendered…respect that as much as you want pronouns respected. She has the right to define herself. The biggest issue on the table is, if all don’t agree in silence they are branded as haters and told they have a phobia.

Navigating the Impact of Reality TV Culture: The Case of “Baddies” and Its Influence on Young Black Women.

Education, media literacy initiatives, and fostering open dialogues at home are essential components of empowering young Black women to distinguish between reality and the scripted narratives presented on television. Through these efforts, we can cultivate a generation of critical thinkers who approach media consumption with discernment and a strong sense of self-worth.

Navigating the Digital Landscape: Black Women and the Dynamics of Online Dating.

Online dating for Black women is a dynamic journey that involves navigating through both challenges and opportunities. By fostering representation, navigating stereotypes, cultivating authenticity, and engaging in empowering conversations, Black women can shape their online dating experiences in a way that aligns with their values and aspirations.

My Purpose Predates Being a Wife.

I strongly believe every human being is born with a purpose. None of are simply here by chance. Finding one’s purpose is important as it is central to the concept of fulfillment in life. Moving with a lack of purpose can cause one to feel as though they are like a hamster on a wheel…running but getting nowhere. When the understanding of purpose is missing there can be a misunderstanding of titles, and the role they play in your life. Titles come with responsibilities and expectation based on said title. The best example that comes to mind is that of a parent. The title parent comes with a laundry list of responsibilities, and if not careful the title can easily be misunderstood as purpose. This could be why some relationships are going through challenges, because the relationship has become a place holder for purpose.

Navigating the Complex Terrain of Romantic Relationships: Black Women, Faith, and Resolutions.

Navigating romantic relationships as a Black woman involves confronting societal pressures, communication barriers, and the complexities of intersectionality.

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