Monday, March 30, 2020

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Vehicle?

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Tweet ( Do you love taking your car out on the road for a spin? If so, it’s important that you are making the right decisions. You need to guarantee that your car is safe to drive and that you don’t run in problems. Let’s take a look at some of the issues.  Washing  Did […]

In Marriage Some Days You Fight for Like.

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Furthermore, there is a work one should consider doing within themselves before embarking on this journey. Both parties in a marriage are imperfect, and they come together to create excellence in this life. They are a team that functions better every day on the back end of every storm. Eventually like isn’t so hard of a fight because the reality that love is a binding agent becomes real. That doesn’t happen on the wedding day…that will come much later, and the beauty that manifests is worth the process.

Ignoring the World is Not Trusting God.

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The thing is it is very easy for faith to be used as a mask for fear. It’s okay to acknowledge fears and concerns then bring them to God in prayer. When we are honest we will find the strength to stand wholly in faith. In that honestly you can look at the problems ahead, do your part to help mitigate such, and trust God to do what you can’t. In that position there is power, and peace.

Admitting the Change Upstream.

When I was sitting on my bed crying, it happened because I had to admit that something I had been chasing for almost my entire life was something I would never obtain.  The reason I would never obtain it is because of the person I am now.  That goal was something I set a LONG time ago before I really became an adult.  While I would love for it to happen, it can not. I have to come to terms with that.  The change, however, is something that I can accomplish as an adult and feel confident in knowing that this change is for me.  It will make me better. A better me means a better world.  I may not like the change upstream, but I am grateful that it is happening.

Tips for Working Away From The Office.

Tweet ( Your office will feel like your professional home, but that doesn’t mean that you should be eternally committed to working there every single day. Life becomes more interesting when you take a break from your home routine, and go on a trip somewhere else. And the same can be applied to your business. […]

5 Reasons To Hire An IT Team To Support Your Business.

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Tweet ( If you’re thinking about hiring an IT team to support your business but you don’t know where to begin then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. Whether you’ve been running your business for years or you’ve only just started, having an IT team to support you could benefit you […]

Self-Care, Health and Wellness: Why You Should Stop Neglecting Yourself.

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Tweet ( No doubt you have a wife, mother, sister or friend who is always putting herself and her needs on the back burner, putting off things that need doing, such as that routine doctor’s visit, a much-needed shopping trip or even a simple visit to the nail salon, because, “Oh, I’ll go when I […]

Sistah What Did You Give Up.

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There will be a sacrifice when we allow ourselves to be in white spaces alone…we have to wonder if we are the quotas, or if we will one day be used as the reference for “but I’m not a racist”. In order to sleep at night, we must push that thought to the furthest part of our mind until an incident slaps us in the face with the truth we chose to bury. I’m happy I saw that black queen; she was the highlight of my experience her in Alexandria, LA. I just hope next time she doesn’t have to stand alone; I hope her kind is accepted more so next time. I pray she didn’t give up too much to wear that crown.

Projecting Insecurity is Toxic.

No one is saying the experiences you have should be ignored. You just don’t want to be in a space whereby they control your life and interactions with others. It is important to be able to see yourself as the strong splendid women you are so that this goes before you. Seeing yourself through insecurity means this is the only way you will see others. You will hurt sisters that love and are standing with you, and you can hurt a man that is just trying to love you. Work on healing and killing the insecurity so that you can be free from its clutches, and love freely.

This Pandemic May be a Test of Our Humanity.

The test will be the ability to share, that thing we try to teach the children, and care for others. The care can come in many ways…helping someone elderly so they can get indoors, feeding children, offering encouragement, or even slowing down on the hoarding of supplies. This coronavirus will be a test of our humanity. It will show to be humane towards each other…or worse than the virus itself.

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