Tuesday, January 25, 2022

My Mom Friends Don’t Understand.

The women we deem as strong and efficient tend to get the least amount of understanding.

Imagine If You Had to Manage More Than Self.

Listening to you feels like second nature, and so does wanting to do all she can to help you work past whatever challenges you face.

Friends Aren’t Relationship Placeholders.

When your sistahs come to you stating they need a moment…make time for the moment. The person that is new in your life would want you to have healthy relationships outside of themselves.

Savvy Spending – 5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund.

With advice from investing experts, you may be able to find a suitable investment option to grow your money in the months and years to come.

The Most Creative and Unforgettable Covid Wedding Ideas.

How does one get married during the COVID pandemic? Can a micro wedding be unforgettable? Here are some of the most creative ideas you can do to make your celebration memorable.

You are More Than Waiting On Him.

It is important to keep that truth in perspective. This man is a part of your life…he’s not your life in totality.

When Sisters War, Children Pay.

Think about it, cousins fighting for no other reason than their mothers are at war.

Perception is Everything.

How am I supposed to teach my sons that there are good cops?

Mommy Issues are Just as Devastating.

Sistahs we can’t just hold men accountable to be good fathers…we ought not co-op Father’s Day as a time to drag terrible fathers versus celebrating good fathers if we don’t want that energy on Mother’s Day, and the energy exists.

Daddy Issues.

Growing up, my father and I had a distant relationship.

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