Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Many of Us Have Amazing Fathers.

Let’s return the favor today by killing the negativity on Father’s Day. It’s time we dispel that myth that black fathers don’t exist. They are everywhere loving their children, providing for their family, and working along side black women to fight for our communities. Take the time to uplift, and encourage black fathers as they continue to impact the lives of their children, and all of our children.

Encourage Brothers on Fathers’ Day.

Single fathers can never be a childs mother no matter how hard he tries, all he can do is be the best parent he can to that child.  In like manner single mothers can never be a childs father…allow fathers their set aside time to be properly celebrated. Encourage a father this month, and let him know we see him…and we celebrate him for everything he is to his children and many more.

Friendships Can’t Be One Sided.

Friendships are valuable and should be treated as such.  If your friendship that you currently have is one sided, first speak to that friend about your feelings and give them the opportunity to make changes before you completely dissolve that friendship, because friendships involve at minimum two people and can’t be one sided.

Why Does She Continue to Stay?

The priority to help women in abusive relationships is to let them maintain power and control in their decision making.  They already have a partner telling them what to do and when to do it.  So don’t be that friend, family member or resource that’s barking orders at them.  Instead, be that support system that they need in that moment and crisis and respect whatever decision they make, even when you don’t agree with it.  Call the national domestic violence hotline (800)799-7233 for more resources and information specifically for your city, town or state.

Springing into Your New Relationship.

Challenge yourself to get out more to find new interesting people to date.  Don’t go to your regular spots that you hang out at for coffee or for brunch with your friends.  Go to new places because usually, you will meet your mate in places that you wouldn’t typically be at.  Just make sure you aren’t up tight and let loose a little bit.  The world has changed so be safe and date responsibly.

How to Rebuild Trust in A Relationship?

You have to allow your partner who cheated, the space to gain your trust again.  If you continue to shut down or turn away from them, you’re hurting the relationship even the more.  How to rebuild trust in a relationship?  Three simple answers: forgive, seek professional help and date again!

Seasons of Dating.

Don’t continue to stay in toxic relationships or relationships that keep you guessing and dealing with mind games.  Relationships requires the commitment of two people in order for them to work effectively.

We Must be Accountable When Wrong.

I disregarded his feelings because in my pain I wanted to be understood without any thought of what I was doing to him. It took a really good male friend to one day flat out tell me “just because I’m a man doesn’t mean my feelings are any less than yours”. In that moment I realized I needed to take accountability for my own hurt ridden actions. Sistahs many of us hurt, and no one is arguing that…but we must give what we expect. We must heal, and realize sometimes we get it wrong, and we must hold ourselves accountable. If we don’t, we are no better than those we speak against.

He Need to Know.

As mothers it is very important that we are fair to our children. This means giving them a fair opportunity to have a positive relationship with their father. Granted there are situations whereby men will decide they don’t want to be a part of the child’s life, as some women have also, and that has to be handled in a manner to protect the child as much as possible.

Mom is Not On-Call 24/7.

The first team your child will be a part of is their family, and you must drive the concept of teamwork home for them. Love your children with all your heart, but demand that they acknowledge who you are and learn to treat you with love, respect, and kindness.

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