Thursday, July 29, 2021

When Sisters War, Children Pay.

Think about it, cousins fighting for no other reason than their mothers are at war.

Perception is Everything.

How am I supposed to teach my sons that there are good cops?

Mommy Issues are Just as Devastating.

Sistahs we can’t just hold men accountable to be good fathers…we ought not co-op Father’s Day as a time to drag terrible fathers versus celebrating good fathers if we don’t want that energy on Mother’s Day, and the energy exists.

Daddy Issues.

Growing up, my father and I had a distant relationship.

It’s Okay to Love Being the Aunt.

If you just want to be the influential Aunt do so without any shame.

Communication is a Two-Way Street.

If you take the time to communicate with this sistah about where she is you’ll know just how busy she is, and how much she values you.

When Should You Introduce Your Child to Your Partner?

If your child is two years old or twelve years old, you should consider the severity of the relationship, etc.

Does Living with Your Partner Prolong the Process of Getting Married?

Marriage is a serious thing although in today’s society we’ll toss around a marriage like it’s a Spalding basketball.

Why Do Men Wait til After the Breakup, to Show Their True Feelings?

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to run back into the arms of a man who left you to be with someone else or for multiple women.

You Might Not be So Selfless.

Its very hard to see the selfishness, and the truth is you feel selfless in these interactions.

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