Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Most Creative and Unforgettable Covid Wedding Ideas.

How does one get married during the COVID pandemic? Can a micro wedding be unforgettable? Here are some of the most creative ideas you can do to make your celebration memorable.

Narcissistic Behavior Can Be Contagious.

Narcissists are toxic individuals to any space they inhabit.

You are More Than Waiting On Him.

It is important to keep that truth in perspective. This man is a part of your life…he’s not your life in totality.

It’s Different When the Victim is You.

You are the victim now. It would be callous for someone to talk to you about national numbers, and the reality of things; at this point you don’t care about that information.

When Sisters War, Children Pay.

Think about it, cousins fighting for no other reason than their mothers are at war.

Prepare For the Storms.

Take the time to stock up internally…this is the best storm preparation, and you owe it to yourself.

Mommy Issues are Just as Devastating.

Sistahs we can’t just hold men accountable to be good fathers…we ought not co-op Father’s Day as a time to drag terrible fathers versus celebrating good fathers if we don’t want that energy on Mother’s Day, and the energy exists.

Give the Grace You Demand of Others.

This is a necessary component of community, relationship, and sisterhood building. There has to be a return to reciprocity.

I’m Giving What I Get.

Consider this, when you allow yourself to be in a one sided situation where by you give support and receive none you set yourself up to hurt others.

Communication is a Two-Way Street.

If you take the time to communicate with this sistah about where she is you’ll know just how busy she is, and how much she values you.

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