Friday, April 23, 2021

Did You Ask Questions?

With black children, this is especially the case because our children, at times, tend to outpace others and grow rapidly.

Let Them Have the WAS.

I salute you for not being your past…aka your WAS.

Eat, Eat.

With anything, patience and practice will help your toddler master food in no time.

Rebirth of a Black Woman.

Now that I am a woman, I understand what she needed to be loosed from, wholeheartedly.

Five Ways to Build Your Confidence.

I used to be that woman who couldn’t look people in the eyes when I talked to them because my self-esteem was so low and I’m naturally a shy person.

Butterfly, Butterfly, Please Come Out.

Being honest about flaws is the most gracious thing we can do for ourselves.

Green with Envy.

It has been a challenging time but learning to care for two children that are about the same age is exciting and fun.

Weighing the Balance.

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She used to have plastic bags full of pieces of mail that meant absolutely nothing to her. 

First Aid Fundamentals – 5 Medicines That Are Worth Keeping In Your Home.

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Tweet ( Don’t wait for a visit to the doctor’s office to take care of your health. Instead, it’s worth taking the time to stock your medicine cabinet with all the medical supplies and medications you need to treat yourself at home whenever you feel under the weather.  Of course, stocking up on all your […]

Letting Go Isn’t Impossible.

Learning new habits usually takes 21 days with consistent dedication to implementing the habit into your daily life.

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