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Caring for Caregivers: The 5 Keys to Employee Safety in Healthcare.

Respect & Support Carer Mental Health

Scientific studies show that caregiving causes a negative psychological impact, which can also cause physical issues. Psychological distress and uncomfortable symptoms are common among family caregivers, but this issue can also happen to professional caregivers. 

They are exposed to many traumatic and emotional situations daily, and these tragic and horrific moments can take their toll. 

How to Help: 5 Tips for Supporting Someone Who Has a Problem with Hoarding.

If you have given them gifts in the past, and they now feel the need to get rid of them as part of their recovery, don’t take offense. It’s a necessary step to leaving their hoarding behavior behind. 

Hoarding is a mental disorder that causes people to collect and hold onto things. It can lead to dangerous and unhealthy conditions, but if you know a hoarder, you can use the tips above to help them overcome their hoarding behavior.

Moving to Action Can Be Grounding.

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One thing that came to me was constant movement…constant action. My grandmother worked through difficulty by physically moving, and mastering the things she could control until she found a way to manage what she was facing.

When Praise Becomes Medicine.

There is nothing wrong with them relieving their heaviness and it ought not be mocked, for in doing so we also mock culture. Song and dance has always been therapy for our people and that’s not fake…so when we see the posts of those that praise, lets leave them be. They are hurting no one, and they aren’t hurting themselves.

Changing How We View Wash Day.

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Self-evaluation is always a blessing because it leads to right thinking which can lead to healing and progress. I realized a crown is something to be loved, adored, handled with care, and respected. It is a symbol of power. Sistahs this is what our hair is…a symbol of a more internal power. I began to meditate on this revelation, only to decide how I view and engage hair day needed to be different. I needed to schedule a time to tend to my hair so that I wouldn’t be tired or irritable.

Experience Can Be A Cage.

Which is it? Please understand this kind of cage can restrain us in every area of our life that it allies. Some of us are in spiritual cages, cultural cages, and even academic cages. This happens any time negative experiences become the reason that we disavow a whole when the whole is not what caused us harm.

One Room at a Time Sis.

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It is important to realize there will always be laundry to tend to, dishes to wash, and something to clean. There will days when all you can muster is making the bed or taking a shower…that is quite okay; it is still progress. Give yourself the grace you give others, and more importantly the grace you deserve.

Control Can Be Dangerous.

Loving them means showing respect for them, even when you disagree with their course of action. Remember, you also have a path that must be charted and that requires your energy. Don’t risk the relationships you value over control. Don’t sell yourself short by focusing so much on others that you neglect the one you have a right to control, self.

Beating Burnout: 6 Tips for Avoiding Burnout as a Business Owner.

As a business owner, you want to ensure your enterprise keeps chugging along, but you can’t dedicate your entire existence to the cause. If the responsibilities of being in charge are getting the better of you, follow the tips above to avoid burnout and get back on track.

How to Deal with Nosy Neighbors.

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Nothing beats a peaceful community. You may be where you reside today for a reason, but if possible, try to look for a new place especially if your neighbors are affecting you emotionally and mentally.

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