Saturday, June 12, 2021

Must Try 7 Oral Practices for the Whole Family.

Practicing something as a family can not only be fun but can instill good habits in children. Here are 7 must-try oral hygiene practices that you can do as a family.

You Might Not be So Selfless.

Its very hard to see the selfishness, and the truth is you feel selfless in these interactions.

Get Rid of “Stinking Thinking”.

You are really isolating yourself with those negative thoughts which turns into negative energy.

It’s Ok, Celebrate Yourself!

Even if you have to celebrate you waking up an extra hour early every morning to work on your future or current business.

I Am No Longer “That Old Lady Still at the Clubs”.

I was that woman still trying to hang out late in the clubs, looking at all of the younger women turning up, etc…

Creative Ways You Can Spice Up Your Relationship.

Ditch the quick kisses, create a fantasy jar, and immerse yourself into hair-raising escape games. Here are seven creative ways to spice up your relationship.

Swallow That Nasty Truth. Now.

Adulthood does not come with tasty medicine. 

Did You Ask Questions?

With black children, this is especially the case because our children, at times, tend to outpace others and grow rapidly.

Let Them Have the WAS.

I salute you for not being your past…aka your WAS.

Eat, Eat.

With anything, patience and practice will help your toddler master food in no time.

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