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Return to Your Narrative.

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Remember who you are, and return to your narrative. Your path is your own; walk it authentically instead of living a life that is beneath you. Your narrative is your own as you strive to live the life you dream. Allowing everyone else to label, dump on, take from, and define you doesn’t have to be change the direction of your narrative. Stay within the book of You.

How to Survive Being a People Pleaser.

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Now just like any other muscle, if you don’t use it you will lose it. Make sure you are in the daily habit of checking in with yourself to make sure that the things that you are committing yourself to doing are things that bring you joy in some way. You will feel an increase in smiling, laughing and all-around stress relief. If you start to slack in your exercise practices, you will see the adverse effects. Believe me, once you get a taste of freedom you won’t want to go back. Ok, now go on a marathon of self-fulfillment. It’s not selfish. If you are happily helping others, it is more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Continue to Bathe.

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Not bathing can lead to skin problems, and even sleep issues. It’s hard to sleep when you feel itchy. I’m willing to concede to experts about a few things but the frequency of bathing isn’t one of them. There are an endless list of reasons to bathe on a daily basis if possible, and not embarrassing self is also one of them. Why should one want to offend others with unpleasant body odor…that’s just rude. This is one bit of change we may need to leave on the table. Bathe and be well.

4 Things Black Herbivores Need for you to know.

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I know this won’t stop you from throwing those smoked turkey necks and “hog mogs” in that pot. This was not to get you meat eaters to come over the other side. It is simply to give  you a few pointers on how to be considerate of your sister-in-law or cousin or auntie who prefers to only have plants on their plates. Be kind to your favorite herbivores and make a salad minus the ham and turkey chunks. I’m sure a hug of appreciation will follow.

Sometimes It’s Not Hurt.

Furthermore, no one should feel communicating respectfully, but truthfully, for fear of being told they are hurtful. In this space any relationship is in danger. If you committed hurt by all means humble yourself and try to make it right. However, if you didn’t please don’t sit back and become a scapegoat for someone’s feelings. Just as they would deserve better so do you.

An Open Letter to My Brothas and Sistas.

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I am beautiful. I am successful. I am loved.” If you are going to be kind to anyone in the world you may as well begin with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You are the only you that you have, and you are the perfect version of yourself for today. Let tomorrow be its own kind of greatness.

The Failure in Forgiveness.

Failing at forgiveness does not mean failing at life. It just means growth. We have to understand that improving the ability to forgive takes experiences and maturity. It is not easy, but it is not impossible. Just remember to let go and learn. Oh, and do NOT burn up a car.

Lessons & Basketball.

I am grateful for the experiences scorekeeping have granted me. These athletes have way more drive than I will ever have physically. They also possess a great ability to deal with life beyond the court. Thanks to them I have learned more about life and how to handle destructive situations.

How to Create a Mimosa Bar.

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This is a perfect time to go to your local thrift store and finds crafts to spruce up the mimosa bar or get the type of glass jars, champagne flutes and small bowls that you need. If you’re not into thrifting, then check out your local Dollar Tree for items listed previously.

Healing Isn’t Magic.

Though your family sounds redundant they are trying to appeal to the need for you to take an active part in your healing. If you shut them out or continue to live in non-compliance, they may become desensitized to preserve their own emotional state. The same bible that speaks of healing is the same bible the requires your having a part to play. You can’t just think and pray your way out of sickness.

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