Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Keep Going!

Maybe you’ve tried a new adventure or tried to create something and it failed or was a total flop, keep going!  Figure out the lessons to be learned and get back to creating.  Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before the success of his invention of the lightbulb.  When asked in an interview about his 1,000 failures, Edison stated, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times.  The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”  That’s exactly the approach or mindset that you need when you face obstacles or failures in life, keep going!

How To Cope With A Death In The Family.

Tweet ( Dealing with death can be a very difficult and complex part of your life. Everyone copes differently to death, and there really is no time frame of when you should move past it. But we need to be able to cope with death, so here’s how to deal with it when it happens […]

Friendships Can’t Be One Sided.

Friendships are valuable and should be treated as such.  If your friendship that you currently have is one sided, first speak to that friend about your feelings and give them the opportunity to make changes before you completely dissolve that friendship, because friendships involve at minimum two people and can’t be one sided.

Stop Pouring from an Empty Cup.

Pouring into you is more than trips to the spa.  Fill your cup of life back up by reading books, studying the bible, practice meditation, take up a new craft, talk to a therapist, do something outdoors, do something alone, just do anything that fills you back up and helps you stay full to be of service to anyone else.

Negativity Can Destroy Health.

It is very important to get in agreement with those in your life that are trying to rid you of the negativity by pouring the positive into you. What they are doing is an act of love, and healing. How you see yourself, and your wellness will determine how quickly you can get back on your feet. We’ve often heard of “mind over matter”.  Allow your mind and words the chance to help you body bounce back.

Finding Your Purpose.

People make it over complicated when they are operating out of alignment of their purpose when they are doing what brings someone else joy or what is popular.  Your purpose in life is uniquely crafted for you although multiple people purpose in life can be very similar to yours, (ex., the art of storytelling).   Find your purpose by finding out what brings you great joy when you do it.

Six Reasons For Your Social Media Detox.

Tweet ( Social media? That’s toxic. I realise I’m writing this from a blog supported by social media, but hear me out! Social media is in everything that we do. When we have a moment in life that we love, we grab our phones, snap a pic and upload it to Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes, […]

How To Make Managing Your Health Easier.

Tweet ( Looking after your health and your family’s is something you take on automatically as a mother. In fact, many women put others first, and neglect their own needs, just to get sick or burn out, It is important that you look after number one, so you can look after the rest of the […]

3 Ways to bet On Yourself.

Betting on yourself can sometimes be lonely because people may not understand your vision, the time and space they feel, may not be ready for what you want out of life, but it’s up to you to stand your ground and be bold in whatever it is that you put your mind to.  Make it a habit to bet on yourself, you deserve it and won’t regret any of it.

Keep On Top of Your Physical and Mental Health With These Tips.

Tweet ( If somebody asked you what your life goal was, what would you say? Would you say you wanted to be famous, do you dream of finding love or are you desperate to be healthy and happy? It’s not always possible to prevent every illness, but the choices you make can have such a […]

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