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Is It A Man’s World? 3 Supposedly Male Skills That All Women Need.

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(ThySistas.comFor many women, there are only two visions of the world: Either they are submitted to the power of men, or they are active feminists who sometimes think of themselves as man haters. In truth, life is a little more complicated than this. But one thing is for sure, if women want to be respected and seen as equals by their male colleagues, they need to stop pushing precious skills away with the excuse that these are for men. This starts here and now, by looking at the top three skills that women deny themselves too often!

All I Want Is Money: Understanding Finance Matters

It is quite scary to think that, while money is so precious in everybody’s life as it enables you to buy all you need, so few women are interested in understanding how it works. It is important to be finance-savvy, especially in a world where costs are high, and only the smart ones can survive. You will thankfully find some precious help with online communities such as, which saves you the trouble to apply for a full Banking Course at the nearest university! Understanding how taxes, credit processes, mortgage agreements, and even bills can be best dealt with is not only gaining knowledge for the sake of it: It can save you a lot of money and troubles for the future. Joining an expert community will help you to do just that, and much more as this will give you the confidence you need to work with the system instead of being a passive victim of it.

Mechanics: Don’t Let Your Car Disappoint You Once More

It would be a funny cliché if it were not so true: Women tend to show little interest, if any at all, in cars and specifically their own. Naturally, there are still women out there who are avid drivers and can recite backward the name of the constituents of their car engine. But they are a minority. Unfortunately, some garage owners have little scruples, and can happily make you pay more than you should for a simple fix. So, it is important to know enough about your car so that you can attend to its maintenance and all small repairs. You will need a proper set of tools and some helpful tutorials, such as Remember that, sometimes, all you need is to understand what is broken and what it is called, to feel a lot less worried about it!

Computing Is Not A Man-Only Talent

What is it with computing skills that make most people assume that a programmer has to be a man? Not only is this passive discrimination, but this is also completely wrong. Ada Lovelace revolutionized the world in the 19th century when she developed the instructions for the first computing program. She was an English mathematician who created an early mechanical computer called the Analytical Engine. Without her, there wouldn’t be any computer today. So don’t let anybody tell you that computing is for men. Start educating yourself and getting used to every single function of your laptop, smartphone or tablet device for a start. There is a lot to know here, and that can save you a lot of time!

Staff Writer; Shelia Goodman

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