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Is it Healing or a Clown Mask.

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( I was recently having a conversation about self-care, and healing. We discussed the power of positive affirmation. It was agreed upon that it is very important that we deal with the issues we face verses sweeping everything under a rug. Once you find yourself raw and vulnerable to working on internal trauma, it is absolutely necessary to pour as much goodness into yourself as possible. It is also just as important to place yourself in a circle whereby you are valued, and positivity is constantly flowing. As the conversation continued, I began to meditate about how we are being instructed lately to handle healing. Like, are we really dealing with our pain, doing the work, or is something else happening? In many spaces there are words that have become overused to the point of watered down, and eventually misuse.

The vibe, the energy, self-care, self-manifestation, and even positive affirmation…what are these things really. Some say pray, say your faith confessions and read your bible. Others say engage in self-manifestation through positive affirmations, burn sage to ride one’s space of bad energy or spirits and don’t forget to smudge. You might be told to call upon the ancestors and let them direct you in everything you do, and you immerse yourself in one’s culture and that of your family.

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There issue with every single course of action is far too often we are doing thing for an instant gratification and have no idea what we are truly doing. Furthermore, when we are told the things we do clash with what we claim to believe in another aspect of our life, or that what we are doing is clearly not working there is a defense that takes place which leads to offense. We don’t want to be told our chosen path to “healing” is not working or is being worked out incorrectly. We want to believe that however we decide to practice or use whatever it is we are doing is just fine…because it’s what we need. More so that the healing path is completely subjective and personal so we can mix various things together or fully own one thing…. but we don’t have to be proficient in understanding of what we are doing. All that matter is that we feel as though we are moving towards healing, and the method should simply be accepted without question.

The problem is that is not how any of this goes. For healing to take place there must be understanding. Where there is no understanding, we are simply going through motions, and wearing a mask that appears to be healing…until it’s not. Everything is life has principles regardless of whether you chose to acknowledge them. When you come to the decision that you are ready to do the work to heal, it is very important to understand what you are doing and why. The method is just as important as the goal; the method will lay a foundation for how you will heal going forward. It is very necessary that you make certain your foundation is solid. Many practices have an origin…a history, if you are going to embark upon usage of a particular practice…find out how it works. Take the time to know what can be used together, and what practices can’t agree with each other. This will be key making sure you are flowing in whatever you choose. Yes, you have the right to decide how you need to heal, but you don’t get to decide how what you choose function.

The last thing you need is to one day look up and realize everything you have been doing is in vain…counterproductive, and you are still faced with the same wounds you began with. You are too important to wear a mask. Seek healing in the most authentic, and knowledgeable way possible. You deserve the authentic healing experience you seek.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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