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We Can’t Wish Away Racism.

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( Recently I had a friend explain to me that we live in a post-racial society. He explained that we need to let go of the past and focus on the future as race is no longer stopping us from achieving our goals in life. He wanted me to understand that he was free thinking, meaning he would not me swayed by the propaganda of liberals nor conservatives. He needed Black people in this country to abandon the “victim” mentality, embrace unity and build as a people. I greatly understand what he’s trying to say, but racism is not in our past be it physical or systemic. Taking the stance that racism is not alive and will is dangerous; it is denying a truth that is in our face every time we look up. Members of the Black community that try to wish away racism tend to dismiss the racial trauma in society, downplay the experiences of those they know, and set themselves up for severe pain when the situation lands on their doorstep.

We Can’t Wish Away Racism.

Racism is not “Fake News”. If you are trying to wish it away that means you are turning a blind eye to police brutality, redistricting, voter discrimination, gentrification, and the re-writing of the history books…just to name a few issues. It means ignoring the facts and reality of the state of this country. When this is dismissed how can we grow as a people and community? We would be setting ourselves up for destruction because the growth would be built on a lie. There would be a false security in this building because we’ve be pretending a core issue with this country has been cured. Once can argue this is just as bad as those that want to believe the history of Black people in this country never happened. Everyone must stop lying about the race issues between Black America and those in power in this country as they are older than 1776 and have never been resolved. Yes, there has been progress, but there has been no resolution as that would require systemic foundation changes.

When we take the position that racism no longer exist, we actually harm those within our community. If you take the stance that our society is post racial, you may dismiss the racial disparities experienced by those you know. There is nothing more exhausting than explaining to someone close to you the trauma of a racial encounter, only for them to dismiss the weight of the situation. It is wrong to downplay the situation or make someone feel it’s them. Then there is the tactic of looking for everything else that could have been wrong, because it can’t be racism. That can make the person lose trust in you as they are aware you understand what they are explaining. You have simple chose to hold on to the post racial position even though the truth is staring you in the face.

Trying to wish away racism backfires when it shows up in your back yard. Its hard to digest when you, or your children, are in a situation where the racism is so blatant you couldn’t deny it if you try. It’s good to acknowledge progress and pray for a better world but when we are not honest about the current state of society, we set ourselves up to be destroyed by what we refuse to acknowledge. Please understand race relations will not get better by trying to deny the problem. When we lie to self the mental anguish and trauma is multiplied. No one is saying live in fear, nor in a constant state of negativity. However, what I am saying is don’t lie about the state of race relations, hence creating a false mental security. This problem is at the foundation of this country and can’t be simply wished away. We must continue to work towards a better society in truth.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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