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He Needs to Get His Own Gaming Account.

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( I have loved video games for years. I remember the joy of getting my first Nintendo; it seems as though that joy has stayed with me for what feels like a lifetime. Gaming has always been a safe space where I can think or work out the challenges I’m facing. When my illness doesn’t allow me to be as mobile as I’d like my consoles tend to keep me company. Online gaming opened up a new world for me. I was able to connect with like-minded people and became a part of a great community. Granted I have my player quirks, but I came to realize a similarity between cars and consoles, or more so gaming accounts, and men. Just as some men take advantage of the usage of a car…some seem to do the same in gaming. This might not seem like a big deal, unless you are a gamer with a particular expectation based on who you should be playing with only to constantly have games and eventually conversations hijacked by the boyfriend with no account.

Let me start off by saying, if you are sharing a console with someone it is very easy to create a gamer account on that console. This allows each individual to play under their gamer tag and progress in various games at their pace. There are a few friends of mind that created or add their gamer tag to my account so they can play the game under their name and not mine. Furthermore, in online party chat they can converse as themselves as they are known in the gaming community. Also, this alleviates confusion of various different kinds.

Own Gaming Account - 2021

When playing games such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Warframe, Smite, and many other players will often want to play with gamers that have leveled up closed to where they are so that there is an even understanding of the game functionality. This might also be the case if you are say catching a game before work, or just want a quick match…you’d definitely play on your level or with people whom you have a rapport. It’s easier to get though a match when those in game chat know the style of play of all present when on a particular game.

The chemistry goes to trash quickly when you are playing with a high leveled player that you’ve been playing with for some time, or so you thought, and all of a sudden, they are playing as a complete stranger. You later find out that your gaming buddy is at work, or unavailable, and their boyfriend, spouse, significant other has jumped on the console as them. You might blow it off at first, but if it continues to happen you begin to question who’s on the controller every time they are online and invite you to the party. This is only made worse when this person is not a team player, can’t be taught anything, and constantly wrecks your stats. This might seem like a random gaming rant, but if you’ve put the time and effort into the game it will matter to you.

Furthermore, it is uncomfortable when you are in chat, verses on the headset, and you get the feeling you are being filled out. In that moment there seems to be a breech in your gaming community and it’s just not okay. If you have a gaming console and a tight knit gaming community, we don’t mind getting to know your significant other. Even if they are new to the game the more the merrier, however we want to know who we are actually in game play with. Your stats create the expectation of level of play; let’s not be rude. The people you play with deserve to decide if they want to party up with you, or have time to do so with your partner. Tell him to get an account on your console…gamer tags please. When I’m trying to reach a certain objective, or I’m short on time I need the gamer tag to match the person behind the controller.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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