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Swallow That Nasty Truth. Now.

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( When I was a kid, I was always in and out of the doctor’s office.  Allergies. Asthma. Chicken Pox. Severe colds.  I have been pricked and poked more than Lil’ Wayne every time he decides to get a tattoo.  My favorite time of sickness, however, was when I was given this pink concoction that tasted like sweet Bubble Yum.  I always took extra shots of that medicine just so the taste could linger in my mouth.  In the midst of my coughing fits, I could smile from at least having good tasting medicine.

Adulthood does not come with tasty medicine.  We can try to use different substances to take off the edge like alcohol, weed, and narcotics; however, it will not change the fact that bad things will happen. Mistakes will occur.  Problems will arise.  As adults and especially as women, we have to swallow that truth:  the truth we don’t want to admit.


I would love to be specific with the disgusting truth medicine you need to take, but I cannot. It is different for all of us. The only commonality all of us have is that we need this semi-permanent solution to help mend broken pieces of ourselves.  I can also explain reasons why swallowing is more of a benefit than a hindrance to our well-being:

Benefit 1: Healing is faster.

Have you ever noticed that the first knee scrape was more painful than the ones you received afterwards? That was not by accident. It was because you were already accustomed to the ache associated with it. I know that honesty is the best policy, but it is also the most hurtful.   The hurt is faster to overcome when you have already experienced it.

Benefit 2: The pain is not as bad afterwards.

The first time you take a medication with a bad aftertaste feels like you are about to lose your tongue for the rest of your life. Eventually, your tongue starts to recognize that bad taste, and it reminds your brain “Uh oh…it’s back. It’s going to be nasty.” As humans, we love knowing what is to come more than navigating in the dark. So,  embracing that truth for what it is the first time may save us a lot of heartache the next time.

Benefit 3: Wounds and illnesses are less likely to repeat.

Yes, history repeats itself. People with stuttering issues repeat themselves. Commercials even repeat themselves. You, however, have the ability to control if that truth repeats itself by making a simple choice: accept then adjust OR ignore to repeat.  Once you are giving that truth, you have to process it. Why was it said? What did you do?  How can you change? Will it benefit you?  A lot of questions? Yes.  A lot of necessary questions? Absolutely. One of the biggest reasons you end up ingesting a certain truth again is from a lack of learning the lesson.  Take the chance and learn the first time. Then, you do not have to experience it again.

I do not know a lot of people who take joy in being ill.  It is like we are operating way below our normal standard.  The same applies to dealing with a truth that is painful.  It hurts hearing it, experiencing it, and acknowledging it.  I have spent many nights crying and trying to process truths I did not want to deal with. As agonizing as they are, these truths are a necessity to improve who we are. The truth may not taste like bubblegum, but it definitely will not kill us.  It is time to feel better and do better.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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