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When You Can’t Talk Weight.

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( Weight loss among women is a consistent conversation. Many of us are always looking for way to improve our body and health. No one is in the same place in this conversation. Some sistahs have achieved their weight goals as they focus more on overall fitness, consistency, and even body sculpting. They are often an inspiration to others that are still on the journey to achieve the initial goal. Others of us are on the path of weight loss consistency. These sistahs are seeing results, they are focused, and have incorporated healthy decision making into their everyday life. There are some of us that are trying to lose weight for health and personal reasons but due to many factors it’s hard to get started, and once there is a start something happens that causes a break in consistency.

For some this can be due to work or family, while for others is can be the cause of overwhelming stress and emotional turmoil. Regardless of which space we are in we should be able to speak opening, receive from one another, and encourage each other to continue moving forward in health. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The subject of weight amongst sistahs that are close, and a part of a support village can become a conversation that has to be removed.

When there are a lot of internal and external issues taking on weight loss can be difficult. It’s easy, in this space, to go from a productive conversation to one of self-loathing and a lack of self-patience. When we have not accepted the skin we are in, and see ourselves as beautiful expectations for weight loss can become unrealistic. When those expectations are not met the feeling of failure and depression can seep in. In this space the conversation may have to be discontinued because though you want to encourage your sistah she may be unable to receive such from you. It will be hard to share any gains you have made as you may run into back handed compliments coming from a place of hurt that look like envy.  Suggestions made towards getting back on track can be met with venomous responses.

At this point, it is emotionally dangerous to be honest and show this sistah you love where she’s sabotaging her goals, and possibly making excuses from areas she needs to address because she will fight you as if you are the enemy in this space.  It’s hard to realize the hurtful commentary isn’t about you when it’s directed at you. Sometimes, it’s best to remain silent and just be there.

Though we want to be active in the encouragement we give one another especially in the area of health and weight loss there are times it’s not possible. It is important to understand when we are not, as sistahs, able to talk weight. Often times when the storm calms that beloved sistah will begin to see what she needs to do to balance herself and pick up her goals. When that happens, the village is there to support and uplift. The wisdom to know when to remove a matter from discussion is priceless, it mitigates emotional damage, and helps keep relationships in tact.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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