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This Year Can Get Better.

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( While some were setting New Year’s resolutions and preparing to have a dynamic start to a new decade some were just barely standing when the year started. The struggled continued as nothing changed by the date on the calendar. There were people that brought in the year battling illness, wondering how they were going to pay rent and keep the lights off…and some went back to work only to be told they no longer had a job.

Some have started the year off with the death(s) of loved ones, and they are reeling from grief while trying to deal with the living and keep themselves together. For some walking into 2020 was like walking barefoot on glass with no choice but to take another step. Know that it’s just January, and this doesn’t have to be a sign of what the rest of the year is going to be life. Though 2019 may have ended rough with a hard start to 2020, this year can get better.

In what may appear to be a completely dark space there is still hope. First and foremost, you are still here. Your ability to get up in the morning means you have the opportunity to put your life in a better place. If you are trying to manage finances…it might help (if you haven’t) to sit down and write out every creditor you have, and bill. When you know how much is going out you can decide what can be sacrificed and what you need to meet your necessities. You might have to make some uncomfortable adjustments to get things on track…but it’s a short-term sacrifice for long term benefit.

When the issue is employment all one can do is get on the grind looking for work, and if you have the means…create work. If you have a talent or skill you can sell that would allow you to grow a business and be your own boss by all means give it a try. Silencing the doubt in one’s own mind might be hard, but it’s not going to hurt given where you are right now. Believe in yourself and take a leap of faith. what do you really have to lose?

Loss is never easy. There are many ways that grief can manifest itself. If there are people standing with you during your time of bereavement let them stand with you. Sometimes there is a strong urge to isolate self, and I’ve definitely been in that boat. However, isolation usually heightens the grieve in ways by which deep seated depression can set in rapidly. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to talk about where we are. It’s okay to talk at your pace, but the point is to do all you can to avoid a massive shutdown. That can lead to bills unpaid, the loss of one’s job, problems in relationships with loved ones and children, and it can cause you to neglect self to the point of hospitalization if you aren’t careful. Try not to go at grief alone.

I was always told “it’s not how you start but how you finish”. Just because this year has gotten of to a rocky, and/or painful start doesn’t mean you can’t see this year turned around. Your year can improve as it goes, but that will be based on the choices and moves you make. Let’s make this year one you can look back on and see the gains. You can do this.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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