Friday, April 12, 2024

It’s Not Your Job To Educate White People About Race – Easy Responses.

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( If you’re black and you spend any amount of time around white people, whether in your friendship/social circle, at church, or even at work, you’ve probably been asked to explain or clarify things to them at some point. You might not think much of this, and if you want to give them your thoughts and feelings surrounding the subject, that’s up to you. However, you need to know that it is not your job to educate white people – especially if it is going to physically and mentally drain you doing so. You don’t need to spend any of your precious energy explaining something that can easily be found in books and online. So, what do you say when a white person asks you for clarification or information? Here are a few options:

Tell Them Who To Follow On Social Media
If there are black people on social media who regularly share helpful information, point them out. Make sure they understand that following black people may help them to learn – but that they shouldn’t expect it or feel entitled.

Recommend Other Resources
If you have books, YouTube channels, podcasts and other resources you know will help, you could consider recommending them. All you need to do is give them the title and let them look for themselves.

Tell Them To Look Up White Privilege
It’s crazy how many white people do not accept their white privilege or even really know what it means. Tell them to do their research.

Tell Them To Beware Of Propaganda
Propaganda exists everywhere, and unfortunately, many people get sucked in by it. Hopefully they will be clever enough to realize this – if not, the infographic below may help.

credit to Norwich University

Staff Writer; Lisa Jacobs

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