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Building Healthy Personal and Professional Relationships for Self-Improvement.

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( Self-improvement entails a keen analysis of your current situation. You want to learn from your past mistakes and actively correct yourself. You can achieve this objective by deliberately cultivating mutually beneficial relationships.

You don’t expect to impress every person all the time. But strive to leave a pleasant taste in the mouth with each interaction with people at work, home or school. Observe the following five points to become a better person all-round.

  1. Win Some, Lose Some

Theodore Roosevelt is famous for the following saying. “Knowing how to get along with people is the single most important ingredient in the formula of success”. Know when and how to argue, fight or refrain from confrontation.

People will not always agree with you, no matter how right you are. When you are wrong, grab the opportunity to actively apologize and correct the situation. Some arguments and contests with your loved ones or colleagues at work are just not worth the repercussions. Swallow some pride.

  1. Listen Better

Harvey Deutschendorf is a leading contributor at Fast Company. He suggests that bad relationships are often created by the lack of proper communication. He encourages you to listen to instructions and questions better.

Listening, according to this blog also entails asking questions. We often refrain from seeking clarification for fear of looking foolish. It is better to seek details of a subject matter at the earliest opportunity than to do avoidable mistakes only to look absolutely stupid.

  1. Entertain Differences and Move On

We can never be the same even when we work, live and play in the same environments. You must acknowledge your own shortcomings and know how to deal with them. At the same time, understand other people’s weaknesses and respect them.

When you talk about those personal challenges with those around you, you are on your way to self-improvement. A football team can only score goals when all 11 players are in tandem. Not only will they win individual honors, they will collect team trophies as well.

  1. Invest in Team-Building Activities

Mind Tools is an online self-improvement resource. It believes in the mantra of “investing in people”. The blog suggests that occasional team building activities are important for improving the smallest unit of a department or organization-the person.

The activity does not have to be too lengthy or even expensive. Set aside an hour each week to bond with people in your office. You can look for an inspirational apparel to make your teammates feel special. At home, occasionally choose to play poker with loved ones instead of “going out with the boys”. You will understand everyone around you better.

  1. Do Good, Say Good to Those Around You

They say that the hand that gives is more blessed than the one that receives. You can greatly improve how people perceive you with small yet highly emotional acts of kindness. Open the door for a colleague, offer to cook a meal tonight and you will see the difference.

Humans who are good to one another, to animals and to the environment have an inexplicable ability to attract favor. Apart from improving yourself, your image, brand and organization will also improve for the better.


Having good personal and professional relations makes you happier. You are a better team player and leader. This not only improves your personal life, but also enriches the lives of people around.

Staff Writer; Natasha Poole

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