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They Chose Wellness.

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( The sun rises and sets on all of us the same. Its one of the few equalizing factors in this thing called life. Some of us make the best out of what we have determined to do more and go farther. Some of us allow the very same things to become a poison that kills from the inside out. One of the major determining factors in the matter is ones’ choice. Some of us have that beloved friend that we care about as family. However, every week, or every day, it’s something with them. We don’t understand how the drama in their life could be so persistent.

Sometimes the person in your close circle facing the daily drama is you. You aren’t sure why everything happens to you, but what you do know is if those in your life love you they will be there when you call and lend you their ear or presence. Of course, you don’t want to be a burden so if they don’t answer you will assume they don’t care to be bothered, and you will be lowkey offended.

The space of offended will cause you to have horrible conversation when they call you back, and even if they explained life was happening on their end…they are liars because well…they were avoiding you. This becomes the beginning of corroding relationships you actually need. The bottom line is your life is not more valuable then theirs, and they must live just as you. It would be wise to turn that situation on yourself and ask you how you would feel if they did the exact same thing to you. No, you wouldn’t be able to handle it.

If you are the person with the dramatic life it is important to understand that you very well might inquire about the wellness of others in your life as a formality to get to what the needs on the table are in your life. You don’t mean to be selfish, but in your immediate mind what you are facing is a crisis that deserves immediate attention, or no one gives a damn about you. No one will blame you for what’s happening in your life especially when it is out of your control. However, you must understand reciprocity is still necessary.

Granted others in your circle very well might distance themselves, and when they tell you it’s because they can’t handle the negativity…respect it. Everyone can’t deal with day in and day out issues. Some people have to choose wellness. They can pray for you, but they are affected by the very energy you are battling with. It’s unfair to judge them for being honest with you. If you are as honest with yourself, you might find that there are a few things you could have controlled. There were calls maybe you should have sent to voicemail. You needed to protect your energy, and you can’t fault another for doing for themselves what you will not.

If you are the support system of the friend whose life is constantly in shambles be honest with them. Give sound counsel as far as they are willing to hear you but keep your energy intact. Its hard for others to see the ramifications of the state they are in, and how it affects others. All you can do is love them and understand that those that backed away had to choose wellness…it was not love loss.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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