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Miss the Mess: Manifesting Yours.

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( Often, we get caught up admiring and desiring the norm. We place value and worth upon ourselves based upon how many categories of normal we fit into. If we secure a degree, earn a decent living, purchase a house, get married and have children, it is assumed we are happy. That we have reached a level of success in our lives. The illusion does not care that we are drowning in student loan debt, hate our job, argue every night with our spouse and don’t have much time or energy to bond with our children during the work week. It’s typical for those who do not fit into those categories to invest time explaining to their family, friends and society how they are happy “in spite of” falling outside of the normal American dream.

The desire to have what is not for us or within our timing can lead to desperation and depression. It is easy to lose ourselves in the illusion of what we think we are missing. We feel that because we aren’t living like the rest of society’s normal folk, that we are somehow missing out on something in life.

This is true! We are missing something and that something is “the mess”. You see, when we fall into a state of desperation, we are willing to accept anything just to say that we have it and keep up appears. Desperation does not allow us to acknowledge the level of unfulfillment we are experiencing, it behaves as an actress constantly taking on different roles and move further and further away from one’s true self.

Those who set outside the boundaries of spiritual alignment manifest within their lives havoc and chaos because they blindly open themselves up to whoever is willing to play the role with them. They attract to themselves more masked, disillusioned individuals who too are too impatient, insecure, and desperate to go after what they truly are worth and desire in life. They manifest mess in their lives. The mess is not a part of life, it is a part of the norm. The norm is in a state of chaos, it is desperate to define its purpose and worth through the eyes of others. It thrives on the admiration of others rather than genuine happiness and fulfilment.

So just how do we miss the mess?

·         Practice Gratitude. Be thankful for your path in life. Be thankful for that which you have been entrusted with. Your experiences, your lessons, your behaviors, your beliefs, are all yours and make up your being. Be grateful for them. Do not look to the life path of others with envious eyes as you have no idea what is truly going on within the life/mind/body/being of a person. The grass ain’t greener on the other side. Learn to nurture and care for your own grass.

·         Be careful what you ask for. Sit down and meditate to determine what it is you want and have a clear understanding of why. Know the benefits and drawbacks of what you are asking for. Be clear! Think before you think to manifest. Create what you desire in life from a place of power, truth and wholeness. At times we are so desperate that we just want something quick, don’t settle.

·         Honor what you are given. Take care of the things that you have been entrusted with. Keep your living space and environment clean, give away the things you are no longer in need of or can no longer make use of. Care for and support those you are in a relationship with, this includes your parents, family members, romantic partner, children, co-workers, friends, etc. Honor your relationships. Honor your promises. The more we honor what we have, the more Spirit/God/Source gives us.

Create your vision and go after what you truly desire in life. The mess chases and haunts those who are open and willing to accept whatever comes their way. Those who do not practice healthy boundaries in their lives. Stay above the mess, rise higher into yourself and discover your truths.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

333rd Eye Healing Temple

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