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Think You Can’t Afford Insurance? Think Again.

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(ThySistas.comHopefully, we all know the importance of preparing for the future. What’s doubtful, for many of us, is how much of a difference knowing that makes. Some people will tell you how dearly they’d like to prepare, but they don’t have the time. Or the money. Or they wouldn’t know where to start. What is essential becomes, for some people, a luxury they don’t feel they can afford.

It’d be nice to think we all know the difference between a luxury and a necessity. A home is a necessity – expensive furniture to put in it is a luxury. Food is a necessity – a chocolate sundae is a luxury. Saving for your future is a necessity. No follow-up to that; it is. We don’t know what tomorrow will hold. And although we can guess a bit more accurately, the more tomorrows we have, it’s still not certain.

Why Some People Consider Essential Cover A Luxury

Being insured for the future – whether that be health insurance or life insurance – is of vital importance. You could be getting along fine, and then get life-changing news from a routine physical. Once that news is confirmed to be life-threatening, your chances of getting any meaningful cover for it are next to nothing.

So the obvious question is “Why do some people not have health insurance?” The primary reason is that they cannot afford it. What do you do when your pay comes in and immediately needs to be allocated to food, transport and essential bills? You hope you don’t get sick.

But other people don’t have insurance for different reasons. A common one is “I can’t get insurance. I have an existing condition that disqualifies me!”. And although this used to be the case, the truth is that now insurers are changing things. People realize that those who are ill still need, want and deserve cover for healthcare.


What If I Can’t Afford It?

If you can’t afford healthcare insurance, then there are various ways to get some kind of cover. Existing programs such as Medicaid and Medicare can cover people who aren’t able to afford insurance.

Different plans and exemptions are intended to help individuals who cannot pay premiums. These are complicated, but the information is out there. Speak to a charity if you are having difficulty – they can offer advice and sometimes financial support. If you’re not sure where to start, is a good place.

I Have A Pre-Existing Condition. Who Will Cover Me?

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to find cover for a person with a pre-existing condition. Premiums can be higher, as can deductibles and so the cover isn’t for everybody. But if you need cover, there are ways to get it. You may not be able to claim for an existing condition, but can for other treatment. It depends on the plan. Some will cover the condition but with various excesses to be met.

The same goes for burial plans, which have become an important part of preparing for end-of-life arrangements. Providers like will offer cover can be used in a number of ways. Whether it’s for a funeral itself, or for setting against time taken off work or other costs, it can make a big difference. The last thing you want in case of a bereavement is to wonder where the money to cover a funeral is coming from.

Robert Schmidt with Burial Insurance Pro notes ” Most people are not aware how inexpensive burial insurance plans can be.  The cost per month to secure policies to address funeral costs and final expenses are very affordable.  Best of all, you don’t have to be in perfect health to qualify.  Mutual of OmahaLincoln Heritage, Gerber Life and others will accept people with all types of health conditions such as Diabetes.

Most importantly, more and more of these plans are available to cover people who have health conditions. This is especially the case if the condition is presently managed. Different providers in different states will have different approaches. Charities for the elderly, or for people with particular conditions, will be able to help you with the nuts and bolts.

The bottom line is that when you think you cannot afford to be insured, the likelihood is that the direct opposite is true. If you think you’re too ill to qualify for insurance, ask around to see if that’s really the case. Much of the time, it won’t be. And if you don’t think it’s worth it, bear in mind how quickly things can change when you get a health scare.

In an ideal world, these wouldn’t be things we would have to think about. But where there is a problem, there is usually a solution to be found. And there are usually some well-tuned, devoted minds working on the search for the best option. Don’t suffer in silence because you think there won’t be an option for you. You would be surprised how fast things move when you have people who care in your corner.

Staff Writer; Annette Parker

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