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UnF**k Yourself: Making Solid Decisions.

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( Good decisions get you by but solid decisions lays the foundation for dreams to manifest in the near future. When we fail to make decisions in our lives, we subconsciously release our powers of control over to others. When I speak of control, I’m speaking of being in control of your emotions, thoughts, actions and habits. Being the ruler over that which you’ve been entrusted to rule by design.

Watching television, listening to music, enjoying a movie, even a night out with friends provides us with opportunities to be implanted with feelings, triggers, ideas, thought forms and suggestions that may not be aligned with your vision, morals and values.

Anytime we step outside the boundaries of self-control and self-2017black-woman-thinking_excluawareness, we unleash our ability to solidify our position (destiny) in life. Each individual is the co-Creator of their life, a position we so readily turn over to the government and other’s we view as authority figures. We allow others to determine what success looks like for us, how we must attain this success, we even allow others to dictate how we are to live once we reach success.

We take on the philosophy that there is “no need to reinvent the wheel”, a philosophy that deadens and/or weakens our creative spirit. We desire to move in the direction of what has been proven and tested yet we often speak of having faith.

Most individuals who fail at reaching their goals, failed only because they attempted to reach the goal using a someone else’s model for success. It is imperative we learn to make decisions for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with asking others their opinions but in the end you must be willing to make the final decision for yourself.

Unfortunately, most adults struggle with making a decision because it’s a task they have not had to fulfill often. As a youth your parents generally make the final decision for you, in school your knowledge is generally tested on a multiple choice or true and false bases. Little emphasis is placed on making your mind up and standing in your decision.

Tips for making solid decisions:

1. Be aware of all the pros and cons. There is always an up and down side, the more you know, the better you are able to work around any obstacles that may come up.

2. Set a follow through date. When you make your decision, decide how long you are going to follow through if you are testing the waters. For example, if you are opening a new business, how long are you willing to give yourself before you begin generating a certain profit. I have seen people give up too early and people give in too late… know your plan.

3. Be open to change. Things shift quickly! Be open to expansion and your decision flourishing into something you had not imagined. Change is the one constant thing in life, learn to embrace it.

4. Give yourself time to get in motion before you make your announcement. Once you make your final decision, start doing the work immediately. At times we waste the energy we could be getting the work done with, running our mouths with others. I know it is exciting when you finally make your final decision but remember it means nothing until the work is done.

5. Commit. Do what you said you were going to do and a little bit more. Your decisions are a reflection of who you are, always follow through and in the event that things must change, communicate these changes to the necessary parties immediately. Commitment, persistence and determination carry an energy of success.

Take your powers back by making decisions in your life concerning you. Do not allow the outer influences to sway you in a direction that is not aligned with your goals, morals and purpose.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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