Monday, June 25, 2018

Faith Related Fun Activities For Children.

Tweet ( We all know that children have short attention spans. As a result, trying to teach religion in the conventional way doesn’t work. You have to make faith fun if you want your kids to get involved, which means doing away with the long sermons and encouraging games and creative methods. Here are a few […]

Be Careful Who Ministers to You.

Tweet ( Places of worship can play a positive role in our life, family and community. They have played a vet important part in the upliftment of our people. As we grow and evolve so does the house of worship. With that in mind we must be careful who we allow to minister to us in […]

A Daughter, A Wife, A Mom, A Saint: Be Your Best Self.

Tweet ( As women, we take on so many different roles in life. We start out as daughters, but each of our individual journeys can take different paths. Some of these paths lead us to be a girlfriend, fiancé or wife, sometimes then a Mom and grandparent too. We try to be as saintly as we […]

Renewed Faith‏.

Tweet ( A few weeks ago I got baptized at church. The very public declaration of my surrender to Jesus Christ and the birth of my born again self was the very anti-climatic end, or perhaps beginning, to my renewed journey and faithful walk with God and my Saviour. Like many Black children in this country […]


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Tweet ( I know this may not be a popular position, but it’s far time we acknowledge a bit of truth regarding prayer. Ladies, this is an area where by we can be a blessing to the community. Many of us have been taught that knowing the truth can lead to freedom. With that being said […]

6 Tools to Have in Your Toolbox for Spiritual Warfare.

Tweet ( So often we limit ourselves only to physical engagement although we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Everything does not have to be done on a physical level, there is more to life than what meets the eye. My spiritual teacher LaOta Rassoull often says “Before anything happens on a physical level, […]

A Quick Introduction To Awesome Christening Gifts.

Tweet ( If your friend has a newborn child, you may be expecting a christening invitation in the post anytime soon. Christenings are a great time of joy and give you the chance to catch up friends who you may not have seen in quite some time. It is also the time when people shower […]

What Do You Really Know About Angels?

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Tweet ( As a lover of the divine, spiritual realm and the occult, I often find myself in conversations where I am sharing occult (hidden) information that many fear or have been taught to reject. I am constantly amazed at the number of Christians who believe in an acknowledge Angels yet do not work with […]

What Makes You Any Different Than Moses?

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Tweet ( I am constantly reminded through my scripture reading that our purpose is not an easy undertaking.  Anyone who fulfilled God’s purpose for their lives as indicated throughout the Bible DID NOT have an easy time of it. What makes us any different? Here’s just one example: One “fiery” day, Moses was in the presence of […]

Quiz Yourself: Are You Living Accidentally or On Purpose?

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Tweet ( If you’re a parent, aunt, uncle or someone who has been in the presence of children behaving as children, you have no doubt experienced a time when two of those darling little rascals are playing and your sense of peace has been interrupted with the robust sound of someone crashing through the screen […]

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