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Can We Handle God’s Answer.

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( Sisters there is a lot going on in the world that can make us question God’s very existence. If could make us wonder if he’s real, why is he allowing so much pain and suffering. Everyday we wake up to suffering in this world. It’s easy to say prayer is the answer when the pain does not directly affect you. Prayer is no longer enough when you walk into your home, drop your bags, and practically scream out to God because you feel he’s forsaken you. The thing is some feel he has forsaken them in health, others in career, some in finance, others in the area of marriage and family, and some feel they have been forsaken on all fronts. In that moment you may want to throw your bible, and no one can tell you anything about God that will shed insight on why the unfortunate things are happening to you.

Some have taken the stance if God is so powerful why isn’t he directly intervening in my life. Why is this hardship and suffering being allowed to darken my doorstep? Though you see the suffering of others…it’s not your problem because you have your own issues to manage. God begins to feel like a tyrannical creator that only allowed you to exist for the purpose of suffering, and only for his gain. At this point you are questioning God and you want an answer. The real question is can you handle the answer he will give?

It is very easy to get spiritually discouraged when it seems everyone around you is getting what they want from God, but you are struggling to get the bare minimum and you do everything God asks you to do. It is very important to remember that we don’t know how everyone came to what they have. There are people that have sold their soul for the gratification they have…and that might not be a path you are willing to take. Everything you see before you in the lives of others is not a gift from God. Furthermore, that’s not your concern. While you are looking at them you are not developing you. When we finally allow ourselves to be still inside and out…God answers. However, just as the Q&A didn’t go to well for Job…it won’t go very well for us. You see, none of us do everything God instructs us to do. Though we want to question God we want to do so while taking no accountability for the part we played.

If God, the creator of the universe, is perfect then he does not make mistakes…which means we do. How can we question God about health matters if we are unable to make the adjustments we can make? How can we question God for a career that requires study but won’t pick up a book? How can we question God for a husband when we still want to pick everything moving? When do we take ownership for the instructions that were half-stepped, and the ones that weren’t followed at all? If the words we speak are so powerful when do we own the reality that too many of us curse our situation out of our own mouth? While we are questioning God, we should consider questioning self.

No one saying don’t seek the God on the matters that concern you, and the desires of your heart. He’s the best source to seek. However, if you have allowed yourself to get angry with him and have decided to put him on trial you might not like the answer, because it will be re-directed to you. It would be a good idea to study the believer’s authority so that we know the power God has given us in this earth. It would also help to align our words with what we want regardless of what we see…that’s out faith at work. If there is something in your power that you can do to get to the things you want…do them, and trust God to help you along the way. It’s important to remember God is not us…he’s not human. We can’t deal with him in the manner we deal with people because we could never be on his level.  Disappointment, discouragement, and plain tired is understandable and we are entitled to our feelings. Just make sure you are ready for God’s answer before questioning him as the sole purpose for every delay, and issue in your life.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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