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Spiritual Strife Can Kill a Relationship.

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( How can two people walk together when there is no peace in ideology, moral compass, and spiritual understanding? These three things guarantee to sink a relationship if there can be no compromise. I understand we live in a time whereby people no longer feel they must marry someone of the same faith, or denomination. Some would argue that the lack of uniformity in this area means the relationship is already on the rocks. However, there are couples that make a relationship work despite the difference in religion, but what they do not have is spiritual strife.

The two people are not in strong competition with one another about who is more devoted, which faith is more important, and they don’t talk down to each other. This is what is thought of when two don’t “walk in agreement”, but it is important to understand spiritual strife can occur among two people that share the faith, and those of the same faith with differing denominations.

In a relationship, where spirituality is important, there is a need to be able to encourage one another, build in the faith, and stand with one another when challenges arise. Its hard to do that when one part of the relationship is seen as spiritually less. This is often an issue when one party is a member of leadership in the faith. The one in leadership must remember they are not the spiritual boss of their partner. There is much they could learn from the person they are with, but pride often gets in the way. Spiritual strife can be caused by putting one down the one we claim to love.

Speaking to someone you claim to love in a manner that insults and using books of faith and indoctrination to do so can bring about great injury. This is the kind of hurt can cause one to question what they believe if they are not grounded.  No one wants to be in a relationship where spirituality is weaponized and used to objectify. Intimate relationship should elevate one’s spiritual position and cause growth as we help each other become better versions of self.

Spiritual strife can reveal oppressive ideologies, a lack of morals, and ultimately a lack of compassion. These are very hard conflicts to see when a relationship starts. When the faiths are different there is an initial support and want to learn about the faith of one’s partner. When the denominations are a differing factor there can be time together about God’s Word to help with growth and understanding. In both situations this closeness builds trust and is a great part of a strong foundation. The opposite of this picture causes hurt, and scars because the foundation is faulty. This manner of strife is felt in every aspect of your relationship. If you are fortunate enough to see signs of spiritual strife before committing or marrying it would be wise to re-evaluate the nature of that relationship. You may find that things are not as compatible as they seem.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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