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Fighting God is Dangerous.

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( I was once told believing in God is easy when everything is going the way you want it to go. We are conditioned to believe everything God that happens to us is because of God, and anything bad was because he allowed it or actually caused it. Many believe suffering is how God teaches, and corrects, us so we have to accept it. Many of us grow up hearing this form of “church logic”, so we base where we are in a particular area of our live solely on whether God wants us to succeed or not. Eventually, after there has been enough hurt, trauma, and disappointment a believer can begin to see God as an adversary. In that space they aren’t just fighting against the devil, God has been added to the list of enemies. It’s there is a one against everyone, and everything mentality. This is a dangerous position because the Bible often doesn’t read in the manner by which many of us are taught. One can find themselves wrongfully accusing God, while still waiting for him to deliver in whatever area prayer is rendered. This is problematic.

If you decide you are fed up, and are going to fight God I hope you’ve read your Bible before trying to begin that battle. When you take the time to read for yourself you’ll find that we must take accountability for the fact that you have not followed his instruction fully in the area you are upset about. Faith is mandatory to receive from God. While many will claim to have faith, it requires us to relinquish fear. Faith is trusting God without doubt, and believing he is, and will do, what his word says. The Bible clearly informs us that “a double-minded man is unstable in all of his doings and can receive nothing from the Lord”. How is it that you are on a fence about a matter, God’s got it then maybe he doesn’t, but expect God to move. Regardless, of whether you agree or not double minded behavior will not render the outcome you desire.

Too many of us do part of what we should and expect God to do the rest. We don’t allow this from our own children, but God is supposed to tolerate it. If you are standing in faith for a mate, but running in and out of relationships, compromising on principle, and laying down everywhere there’s no judgement man should give, but God is not man. In this case you aren’t allowing God to answer your prayer. You are creating your own blessing and levying God with the blame when it doesn’t work out. If someone did this to you it would be hard for you to understand how someone created a mess on their own, against council, but blamed you for it. Consider that when waging war on God.

If you profess to believe in God then it’s important to understand his word, and how he operates which is different from us. It’s dangerous to fight ones creator because you need them. You didn’t make yourself so you don’t have the blueprint needed to fix you. Fighting with the only one that knows you because they created you renders you at a life disadvantage. While you’re busy fighting with God claiming you don’t deserve what you’re going through you may want to take a hard honest look at self. Before you fix your position to say you’ve done nothing wrong take a long look at everything that as you at this place. No one is saying beat yourself up, not judge you harshly. What is being said is God isn’t your enemy, and there is more to the situation.

Sometimes it’s a matter making mid-course corrections that are in your power to make. In many situations its not that we have been forsaken…it’s that we want God to do his part and ours. Like any good parent he’s not going to do that. Reconsider fighting with God; look to know him, and understand the truth of your situation. You will find he’s given you the power to do so much more than you realized. In so many instances you have the choices necessary to change the situation.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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