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Don’t Silence My Challenges.

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( I consider myself a non-conventional Christian, but a believer non the less. In that walk I truly believe how we treat one another is an important part of living. We are all here to be a blessing to one another. Unfortunately, too many of us are defined by what we have, and not who we are. It is easy to see someone that has something, or someone, that you want and dismiss everything they deal with in life because at least they have that thing. Someone that is poor may thing someone wealthy has not a care in the world…or at least they shouldn’t.

The person that’s looking for love and family can look at the married person with children thinking they should never complain about anything because they go home everyday to love. The individual that works the menial job because they are having troubles getting through school doesn’t want to hear the hardship of the person with the degree because at least they are fulfilled when they work.

The problem with these situations is no one should have to worry about having their challenges silenced because they are thriving in a particular area. The world doesn’t revolve around any of us. No one wants to feel they are alone and drowning in a situation because they should just he happy. It’s sickening when someone has the audacity to preach God to you while shutting you up…but the same person is vexed with the same God because they are not where they want to be in a particular area.

It is okay to be happy for the friend that got married or had a baby without spoiling the moment because it’s not about you. However, if that person is going through a hardship and you call yourself a friend don’t silence them as though marriage and parenthood doesn’t have challenges. You might be thinking you’d take their challenges any day, but you don’t know what that would entail…or if you could do what they do. When your day come these are the same people you are going to want to share in your happiness and stand with you when challenges come…and they will come.

Let’s not dismiss our people that are financially blessed. They have challenges that money can’t fix. Some battle with stressful jobs, health challenges, and family situations. We shouldn’t dismiss them especially when they have been a financial blessing. You know they would help you in any what they can…but when they come to you about what’s going on you blow them off like you can buy what you want when you want without a single care for a bill. So, what are you tripping about? That’s not okay.

We should be able to pray for our village regardless of circumstance and lift them up in their times of need. This is what we need from others, so reciprocity is necessary. I’ve taken the stance, don’t silence my challenges. Whereas I was once silent about it I speak to the matter now, and I’m sensitive not to commit that transgression against anyone else. How we treat people has a hand in how our life flows. One can’t sow disregard and ugly while expecting to real goodness, support and wealth.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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