Sunday, May 26, 2024

Re-discovering My Faith.

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( There was a very kind lady that lived down the street from me. She had always been a bright spot in the neighborhood. This sistah looked out for others, made sure anyone hungry around her ate, and the children knew they could come to her for wisdom and awesome treats. Around the corner from here lived an elderly couple that looked out for their community just the same. I remember them encouraging me when my battle with illness began. They would pray for me and check on me when I was no longer able to physically attend church. These elders are on my mind because they have recently passed on due to complications with Covid-19.

I found it very easy to sit in my home and begin to question God in the midst of my sorrow. The room felt small, the world was small, and it was evident to me that my faith had shrunk. In thinking about my neighbors and church members that has passed on there was a realization; I need to re-discover a true faith, and the wisdom passed to me has to be used.

Right now, as the world has been slowed down to crawl many are sitting at home going stir crazy. We are ready to get back out into creation; we want life back to normal in a way that makes sense. This time period, whether we realize it or not, has forced us to deal with areas of life we don’t have to deal with often. When everything in life moved at 100mph aspects of self can be avoid. Our lack of spiritual striving slowly becomes a point of our undoing, but it’s such a silent descent.

It is easy to find the testimony, but sometimes hard to remember the measure of faith needed. There was a time doctors were telling me I was going to die, and I have less than two months to live. It was terrible news, but I was strong in faith…the people around me were strong in faith and prayer. We saw the goodness of God deep in the valley of death. What is so different between that space and now?

The mediation, vibes, energy, and any other term that can be summoned needs a source. This is the perfect time to fill up on one’s faith. Spiritual care is vital to having adequate self-care. It is rather difficult to try to find one’s faith in the middle of a hellacious life challenge. We don’t know what is coming tomorrow. We don’t know who will need encouragement, and who will need care in a time of mourning. However, we are no good to our people when we are unable to encourage self. The one person that I must love, forgive, offer grace, and hold to accountability in this life is self. Lord knows that is not something I can do on my own.

Acknowledging one’s need to spend time studying the Word for one’s self, seeking God’s face, having a renewed prayer time, and a refreshing praise can literally safe our life. As I reflect on those elders further, I am reminded of the lessons about seeking God.  There can be light in darkness and live in the midst of death. There is a stillness and peace in the presence of the creator that I must re-discover for myself, and right now there is no shortage of time.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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