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Meghan McCain Reminds Me of the Privilege of White Women.

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We have to deal with Meghan McCain on our TV because she’s an entitled white girl that is standing on her dad’s legacy and some sort of validation of her voice not realizing she needs a voice of her own. Until she figures out how to have an adult conversation without throwing her privilege, I think she should refrain from speaking…though we know that’s not happening. The thing is Meghan McCain is the kind of political voice that reminds me a white woman is not my ally, and in many instances we could never explain to her why she’s a part of the political problem.

Come and Listen WITH Me.

Jodeci started with the best intentions in their song asking for a gorgeous woman to simply having a conversation to build to something greater.  I wonder what happens, however, after she comes and talks to him. Will he hear or will he listen?  Will he accept what she says even if he does not agree? Will he practice empathy?  Who knows.  If he does, he is one step closer to closing the gap between men and women that has plagued us for too long.

As Mardi Gras Approaches.

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We love our city, its culture, and our celebrations. I shouldn’t have to consider staying home because I don’t want to encounter the tourist that in the name of fun crap on my place I call home. If you are having some kind of feud it would be best to find a non-violent way to resolve such, and please do not bring it with you to New Orleans. As Mardi Gras approaches I’m still excited and looking forward to a great season. I just hope natives enjoy themselves without the violence, and tourist refrain from bring violence with them and forgetting how to use a restroom.

User Research is Critical And Here’s Why.

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Tweet ( There’s nothing more important for any technology company, or any industry in the world, than user research. It determines whether the idea you have is truly valuable and if there is space for it to improve. So, what is UX research, and why should you use it? Most people who think they have […]

Are You Ready to Get Married.

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Preparation for marriage before there is a mate is something many are not taught. We come with a bad of experiences and things we’ve seen. It’s important to know where we stand regarding healing, money, family, children, and challenges before joining ourselves to another person. Hopefully, they will do the same.

Spiritual Strife Can Kill a Relationship.

In both situations this closeness builds trust and is a great part of a strong foundation. The opposite of this picture causes hurt, and scars because the foundation is faulty. This manner of strife is felt in every aspect of your relationship. If you are fortunate enough to see signs of spiritual strife before committing or marrying it would be wise to re-evaluate the nature of that relationship. You may find that things are not as compatible as they seem.

Power Over PCOS: A Childless Home With Hope.

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So…you can not have children?  Ok. Does that mean you can not help other people’s offspring? Of course not!  Do not let PCOS keep you from helping the future maneuver through difficulties and victories in the course of their young lives.  Currently, Mrs. Randle is the sponsor of the Silver Treasures of Huntington High School (the dance team which she used to be on in high school).  She has the opportunity to help young ladies express themselves physically and entertain thousands with their awesome dancing abilities. The world does not end because you can not reproduce.  It will continue to turn as you continue to make it awesome by being the great person you are.  A house can still be a great home of hope and prosperity…with or without children.

What Meds Can’t Cure.

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Every morning, I wake up and ingest 4 to 5 pills for different physical and mental issues.  I would love to depend on these small circular jewels to solve my problems, but they can not. They can not decide who I am. They can not determine how I treat myself and others. I have to work daily to be a better person for me and for those I love.  A pill did not teach me that lesson.  My reaction to life did.

Standing Up To A Big Business.

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Tweet ( The world of modern business can often be a brutal and cutthroat element of society. People often find success for themselves when they tread on others, and the easiest way to climb the ladder is usually less than ethical. Of course, though, this isn’t something which should impact consumers. You should be able […]

It’s Not Your Job To Educate White People About Race – Easy Responses.

Tweet ( If you’re black and you spend any amount of time around white people, whether in your friendship/social circle, at church, or even at work, you’ve probably been asked to explain or clarify things to them at some point. You might not think much of this, and if you want to give them your […]

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