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From Idea To Reality: Getting Your Business Out There.

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Tweet ( Those first few months in business is all about figuring out who you are, or where your potential should go, but also figuring out the best ways to promote the business. Getting your name out there is vital, and while it may seem blatantly obvious, working on getting your name out there isn’t […]

Save Your Energy.

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Save your emotional and mental energy so that you can maintain your physical energy.  Hold your circle accountable for their actions, and treatment of you. Surround yourself with people that are accountable to their own energy, because you will find this will cause them to value you and the energy you put into them. This may be difficult at first, but know that you deserve the goodness you put into the world…especially from your own circle.

Who’s canceled next.

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So why? Why do we have so many attempts and campaigns to cancel people for how their choices? How do we know what should really be boycotted and what is just something is different from how we believe?  Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is held back by the fact that we as a society do not have a set list or guidelines of what is considered morally correct anymore. Yes, we are a country of beautiful people that are different shapes, sizes, and beliefs.  As those differences infiltrate our culture, it dilutes what is considered to be the American Idea of what is considered correct or standard.  Until we get back to a point of listening to each other and developing what our code of ethics and morals are for all, no one has the right and reason to cancel anything.

At Some Point You Must Divorce Negativity.

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Praying with a negative person is hard because once the prayer is done, they continue the path of negative speaking. This can push people away from you because you aren’t the only person in the world with challenges, dreams, and struggles. It is important for support to be a two-way street. In these times of stress in out communities and country we need to do all e can to stay positive, and allow others uplift us when we are not feeling the best. Divorcing negativity will help your overall perspective on life, your relationships, and your health.

Improving Your Health and Well-being For The New Year.

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Tweet ( 2020 is supposed to be a year of opportunity. It’s supposed to be a period of time where you can do anything, be anything, and achieve all your goals. However, how do you expect to do this when you aren’t in good health? How do you expect to possibly get on when you […]

Sometimes You Can’t Save Your Sister Friend.

Sometimes you can’t save your sister friend even when you greatly want her to be in a better space. There will be those that won’t allow it, some spaces you don’t understand or have means, and others that will become draining for you. In every situation you can always pray and let her know you are in her corner cheering for her to win.

Address Inconsiderate Parents Not Parenthood.

December 12, 2019 by  
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The issue is not parenthood so that in itself shouldn’t be under attacked. These are not easy conversations, and if they are not handled properly relationships could be stretched thin. With family in mind, and proper consideration take the time to speak in love and understand each other. Children need their parents, but they also need the love of their village.

Are We Fair With God?

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we can get a better understanding of the expectation of God as he is that parent in our relationship with him. I would never tell someone what decision they need to make for their spiritual self. However, I will say my spiritual life, and its manifestation in my reality, became more apparent as I took the time to actually have a relationship with God that was not one sided. Consider the treatment you deserve from others and ask yourself if you are fair with God. If the answer is no…take comfort in knowing he’s not angry with you; he’s just waiting to have a real relationship with you.

Complaining Can Kill You.

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Avoid the stroke, heart attack, and migraines by laying that negative energy down. Once you’ve gotten the positivity back and you are balanced you will have to re-evaluate the nature of your friendship if it still exists. It is important that you ask yourself the hard questions about what both of you bring to the table, and the reciprocity in the friendship…or lack thereof.  If she is not willing to operate in a better space you might have to love her from a distance, because no one is worth your peace.

From Insurance to Good Holiday Allowance – Find a Company that Works for You.

Tweet ( When looking for a new job, you may feel the need to cast your net as far as possible. This will involve sending out your résumé to numerous prospective employers in the hope that at least a few of them will invite you in for an interview. There are various problems with this […]

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