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At Some Point You Must Divorce Negativity.

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( Most people want to live a peaceful comfortable life. They want to be loved and respected by those that matter to them. It would be wonderful if we could add a well-paying job that doesn’t have a toxic work environment. Furthermore, if one’s health is in good condition it means you really can enjoy the peaceful comfortable life. the thing is life usually doesn’t deal us a hand like that. The world we live in is full of negativity at every turn, and the toxicity of people seems to be at an all time high. The thing is you might not have everything, but you can’t enjoy what you do have, and work towards the things you don’t if you are married to negativity. Existing in a negative space is draining, and it can become an ungrateful space whereby nothing is ever good enough.

It important to acknowledge mental health challenged such as depression, and anxiety complicate how one sees life. When those conditions exist, the person dealing is not simply being negative; something medical is afoot and should be respected. With that being acknowledged everyone is not facing mental health issues. Sometimes is really is a matter of allowing negativity to take over.

Not being where you want to be in life is uncomfortable, and it can be very frustrating. Maybe you are waiting on your dream promotion, a job with wages that would allow you some financial breathing room, Mr. Right, the opportunity for kids, continuing education, or starting your own business. The in between space can be touch, but very rarely are we missing everything we want at once. Some of us have the career but long for the family, some of us have the family but don’t know how to get to the career, and some have both but want to venture elsewhere. Sitting at home, or on the phone, griping everyday about what has not come will not get it to you faster. Many of us are burning sage, talking about vibrations, and thinking about energy…please know none of these things are effective if negativity is all that comes out of your mouth. It can be argued that you might be running off the positive energy needed to bring about what you are longing for with the amount of negative energy you are releasing.

While waiting on your dreams you must prepare for them. Do all you can to grow spiritually and mentally so that you are able to handle those things you long for. There is a such thing as getting what you want then becoming overwhelmed by that very thing…which can lead to more negativity. Aim to live a positive life. Put positive energy into the universe so that you can get it back, and those that have your answer can gravitate to you. No one wants to deal with the one that is negative and complains daily. It is exhausting because no matter how much positivity is poured a negative person always finds a way to shoot down the goodness. It is most disheartening when the positivity that is dismissed is something the person with the issue claims to believe in.

Praying with a negative person is hard because once the prayer is done, they continue the path of negative speaking. This can push people away from you because you aren’t the only person in the world with challenges, dreams, and struggles. It is important for support to be a two-way street. In these times of stress in out communities and country we need to do all e can to stay positive, and allow others uplift us when we are not feeling the best. Divorcing negativity will help your overall perspective on life, your relationships, and your health.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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