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Address Inconsiderate Parents Not Parenthood.

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( There are parents that need a crash course in being considerate of their village. It is true that having children is a labor of love that is exhausting in multiple ways. It really does take a village to raise children. When parents are trying to work, provide a home, keep up with their school schedule, and tend to the wellness of the child there is hardly enough time left to tend to self. However, children are, first and foremost, the responsibility of their parents. It’s awesome when one has family and friends to help with children, but it’s very important not to treat them like they are obligated.

This behavior can cause a serious rift between family and friends that don’t have kids and the ones that do.  It is easy to lose track of the fact that the people that love our children have a life also. We don’t want to discourage friends and family from being a part of the life of the children because they don’t want to be volunteered every they are off, or the kids are out of school. The single family and friends are starting to speak out about their time being taken for granted.

If you find that you are the aunt, friend, god mother, or cousin of a parent that calls you for everything its time to address the inconsiderate behavior. You aren’t the parent of the children and it is important that your time be respected. You don’t deserve to be manipulated into always keeping children on your days off, when you are sick, and anytime the parents want a break with no regard to you. Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person; it doesn’t mean you don’t care. Sometimes parents need to understand they can’t drop the responsibility of their children when it moves them. Furthermore, being a parent doesn’t make your life and situations more important, nor worse, than that of your single family and friends. Protect your energy, and time so that the time you do spend with the children you love can be fun not only for the kids but for you also.

For the sake of friendship, family, and the children it is important to speak on these matters openly. Single family ought not be taken or granted, and family with children should not be made to feel regretful. The thing is parents, most of them, love their children. They don’t see their kids as a burden. What they need often equate to a moment to sleep and take care of themselves…they don’t hate their life. Some of the single family members anticipate becoming parents one day so it’s not a matter of hating kids, but they don’t want anyone to assume their time.

The issue is not parenthood so that in itself shouldn’t be under attacked. These are not easy conversations, and if they are not handled properly relationships could be stretched thin. With family in mind, and proper consideration take the time to speak in love and understand each other. Children need their parents, but they also need the love of their village.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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