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Who’s canceled next.

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( Robert Kelly’s (also known as R. Kelly) music is no longer considered appropriate music for most African American parties and cookouts due to his pervasive behavior with adolescents.

Many people in the gay/lesbian community called for a boycott of Chik-fil-a due to their admittance of not supporting same-sex marriage.

Many women are asking for a boycott against T.I. due to his choice to go with his daughter to the gynecologist in order to assure she is still a virgin.

In simple terms, all of the above is a part of the #cancelculture:  attempting to persuade the majority to boycott a person due to a singular act that has been deemed not popular.  A singular act. ONE.  UNO.  We are a nation that believes it is okay to have differing opinions. We are a nation that believes it is okay to make mistakes. BUT if either of the aforementioned happens, it is time for those people to no longer be considered as a part of American society.

Are we really that shallow?

Please understand that I understand the need to entertain and persuade while on social media.  It is important to some people because their livelihood is dependent on what they say and what is shared.  I also understand the need to want others to feel like you do for validation.  I can also empathize with the fact that some things are morally and justifiably wrong.  However, the idea of this canceling people or organizations because of their preference or mistakes is very hypocritical.

George Washington lied about chopping down a cherry tree. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a mistress. Cardi B knowingly drugged and robbed men for money.  Do we intend on taking away the legacy from any of these people?  We should not because we are all human.  This canceling culture fails to realize that exposing and shaming people for their mistakes is very duplicitous.   The only reason why these people receive so much criticism for their choices is due to their famous status or ability.  While I understand their choice to live their lives in front of others, being judge and jury of their decision is not our job. We cannot say “It’s okay to make mistakes.” and then condemn those who do.  We ruin our credibility when we choose to think one way but act in a different way.

The forefathers of this country that came here by choice had the intention of cultivating a culture where you decide who you want to be. Regardless of your choice, you will not be judged for it. Conversely, everyone has the power to believe and feel how they want.  Attempting to delete a person or organization from popularity or society goes completely against this idea. If they do not do or feel the way you do, it is not wrong.  It is just not what you want. Are you really that selfish?

So why? Why do we have so many attempts and campaigns to cancel people for how their choices? How do we know what should really be boycotted and what is just something is different from how we believe?  Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is held back by the fact that we as a society do not have a set list or guidelines of what is considered morally correct anymore. Yes, we are a country of beautiful people that are different shapes, sizes, and beliefs.  As those differences infiltrate our culture, it dilutes what is considered to be the American Idea of what is considered correct or standard.  Until we get back to a point of listening to each other and developing what our code of ethics and morals are for all, no one has the right and reason to cancel anything.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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