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From Insurance to Good Holiday Allowance – Find a Company that Works for You.

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( When looking for a new job, you may feel the need to cast your net as far as possible. This will involve sending out your résumé to numerous prospective employers in the hope that at least a few of them will invite you in for an interview. There are various problems with this method, though, with the main issue being that you relinquish your own personal choice in the matter. Wouldn’t it be best to find a few companies that suit your working needs, and then apply to those directly? If this is the path you choose, what benefits should you search for in a place of employment?

Insurance Cover

It may sound like a given that a company should have the right insurance to protect its employees, but some businesses try to cut corners in this regard. According to research from Next Insurance, 44 percent of small businesses have never had insurance, and this poses a risk to customers and employees. When looking for a place to work, you need to ensure that it has workers compensation insurance, which protects the employee in case of accident or illness while on the job. If the business doesn’t have this, you could find yourself facing hefty medical bills if you’re unfortunate enough to injure yourself.

Generous Holiday Package

Having a vacation to look forward to is something that helps people get through the working week, and provides a reason for enduring the daily grind. When it comes to a holiday allowance, there is no law in the USA which states that a company has to provide its employees with a particular number of paid holidays. However, a lot of companies see the benefit of offering this as a way of making the job seem more enticing. Still, the number of days given is quite low, with the average American worker entitled to ten days of paid leave per year. When searching for a new job, try and see what kind of holiday package they offer. If it is more than ten days, it is better than average.

Comfortable Working Environment

One of the ways employers try to encourage staff to stay with them for a long time is to create a comfortable working environment in which people enjoy working. If you are someone who values a good working atmosphere, you may want to look for businesses that employ methods to make the office a friendlier place. This can include weekly events such as buffet lunches, or random games every afternoon to foster better relationships. Some offices are now incorporating hot desking, which means that people don’t have allocated seats. This helps to mix people up each day and gives everyone a chance to get to know each other better.

Your work-life takes up a huge chunk of your existence, and if you are unhappy at your job it will have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing. For this reason, it is best to look for potential employers who are going to make your working days enjoyable and secure.

Staff Writer; Sherry James

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